Michael and I met Chita and Yana 3 years ago, when we shot Chita’s sister’s wedding.  Over the years, we’ve become more like friends and from the time I met them and saw them together as a couple, there was no doubt in my mind, these two would last.   The love they share is very special and rare.  They happen to share the same love for photography as Michael and I do, but in their household, there is one Canon shooter and one Nikon shooter.  They co-exist and push on…this is how I know they have a solid foundation =0)  Really, they can take on the world.

Not only are they adorable with each other, they are also super sweet people.  If anyone deserves to be together, it’s them.  Their love for each other is undeniable.  It shows in every single image.  I cried during their ceremony, I cried during their speeches, and I cried when I first watched their slideshow.  At one point during the speeches, I looked over to Michael, who was looking over at me and I could tell that he too had tears in his eyes.  Shooting weddings, especially weddings as good as this one make us really love what we do!

Their wedding was held at Trust in downtown Philadelphia (the real world house) and it was perfect!   Their reception was fun and to be honest, that is kinda an understatement.  Mike from Synergetic Sound and Lighting played the best music.  You know how much I love working with them!  Guaranteed great dancing shots and those we got!

They also had one of our photobooths.  Combine that with the photographer of the photobooth being our associate, Tom…..it’s hard to resist, haha.  It seemed as though Tom had on a different prop every time I stopped by.

Part 2 (the photobooth) will be blogged by the end of the week =0)

To see more of their wedding, check out their slideshow


One of the highlights while shooting their portraits…We held up a minute of traffic at one point.  An inpatient Philadelphia driver became rude and made love to his horn quite a bit.  Michael yelled the word patience…followed by the guy driving by and yelling out his window ” Get a real job and cut your hair, you punk”.  Haha!  Really sir?!?!  Two beautiful females are kissing in the street and you are more concerned about our hair and our job?  I expected him to be more like the car in front of him.  That guy just stopped and stared.

Yana & Chita, you ladies are amazing and it was an honor that you chose us to document your wedding day.   Enjoy your long and happy future together!

Stay tuned for part 2!







Wedding Details

Venue: Trust

Flowers:  Chartreuse

Entertainment: Mike, Synergetic Sound & Lighting

Photographers: M2 





4 responses to “Archita & Yana | Trust”

  1. Yana Banerjee says:

    Wow. I’ve been thinking of the right words to say thank you for making this day even more magical… you both captured the perfect little moments (and made us look sooo damn good!)
    Thank you so much! It’s amazing.

  2. Irina Sigal says:

    Dear Melissa and Michael,
    You are the real artists and your work is amazing, we can’t hold tears and emotions and so thankful for capturing the most joyous and happy moments of Yana and Chita’ wedding. Thank you! It’s incredible!

  3. Nicole says:

    Absolutely loved your capture of this gorgeous wedding.

  4. Michelle H says:

    These photos are simply stunning. Thank you so much for capturing the beauty and love that radiates from this incredible couple!

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