Michael & Melissa
We are blessed to spend our lives side-by-side, documenting the loves and lives of other amazing couples around the country and around the globe.

Meet Michael

Melissa says…

Michael is the wittiest person I’ve ever met. He truly lives life to the fullest, and he’s so amazing at appreciating each and every moment along the way. He’s spontaneous and loves road trips, as long as I do the packing…and the driving! He has no qualms about embarrassing himself, especially to get some giggles from our girls.

Michael inspires me every single day and pretty much anyone around him. He’s hard working, compassionate, and a genuinely all around amazing human.  He can — and does — see the best in everyone. This guy…he wants to change the world, and I feel so blessed to have him with me on our journey.


Meet Melissa

Michael says…

I know I’m biased, but Melissa is incredibly gorgeous, inside and out. She is a free-spirited, adventure-seeking, lover of the outdoors, and she’s one hell of a gardener. She has the rare ability to make everyone around her smile and often does so with her enthusiastic singing and interpretive dance moves.

Being a mom to twin daughters, Melissa is always finding ways to encourage other women. She is always putting positivity out into the world and encouraging other women to see their own strengths as well as have the courage to be their most authentic self.  She is an amazing role model and mother to our daughters, my wonderful, beautiful wife, and my very best friend. Pretty sure you’re going to like her too.