We had a crazy busy weekend but I couldn’t think of a better way to end a weekend than spending a couple hours with a future 2012 couple.  Originally, our plan was to shoot at a near by abandoned restaurant.  Unfortunately, the cops came to our house as well as every house on our block last week asking questions about someone breaking into the building and stealing kitchen appliances.  How does no one notice someone removing large amounts of heavy kitchen equipment out of a building.  This place is right along a busy road, lol.   Anyway, it’s be patrolled ever since and we had to go with plan B.

Plan B was very close to not working out either because of Mother Nature.  However, she decided to hold off and everything worked out.  We found a great woodsy/romantic location.   It reminded me of Forks, Washington, haha.

Shaun & Liz are down right awesome people.  They were open to every idea we had.  Some of the spots were not easy to get to, but they understood, it was all for a great shot =0)

We are very much looking forward to their December wedding at The Downtown Club, in Philadelphia.


<3, Melissa


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