I’ve been seeing and hearing many complaints over this massive heat wave covering the majority of the US. You’re right, it’s really hot and not only hot but humid and those two combined are not so desirable by most of us. When you feel tired and disgusted with this heat, let us remind you of another season, just around the corner. Winter. Yes, winter will be here before we know it. I for one (Melissa here, speaking for herself) love winter. I do not necessarily love freezing temperatures or ice or the lack of greenery, but what I do love is snow. Snow has made me a winter wedding fanatic. I’m always hoping for snow on our winter weddings. My prayers were answered this past January when we were hit with record breaking snowfall and winter storm “Jonas”. Just for the record, I never pray for this much snow. Just a thin fresh coat, that’s all I ask for. This storm brought way more than I’ve ever asked for. It brought 20+ inches (some places reaching 40 inches of snow). What made this storm difficult to work with was the powerful winds it brought with it.

Given the situation that was ahead of us, we asked our couple for two things. We asked them to trust us and to have an open mind. We knew this wasn’t what they had envisioned for their winter wedding. I’m sure they thought maybe there would be snow on the ground, but never imagined a blizzard that resulted in some vendors and guests simply not being able to make it due to dangerous travel conditions. There are a lot of things you can plan for on your wedding day but one thing you can never control is nature. When you are faced with rain, hurricane, blizzard, hail storm, typhoon, sandstorm, etc. you either allow it to bring devastation and frustration to your day or you accept it allowing it to make your day an even more interesting story.

We will remember this day forever. Going into this day, we knew it would be magical and just the thought of that had us feeling excited and inspired. This wedding will always be one of our favorites simply because of Allison & Juan’s attitude and perspective. They trusted us completely. Endured 45 minutes of freezing temperatures, falling snow, and 60-80 mph winds. Mega shout out to Gina Kay from True Beauty Marks for blizzard proof hair and makeup!

Enjoy this beautiful blizzard wedding! Maybe this will cool you off today or maybe it will have you accepting and appreciating the heat. Either way, enjoy.

PS. Winter couples…we still have openings this winter 😉 xoxo

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 001

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 002

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 003

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 004

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 005

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 006

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 007

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 008

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 009

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 010

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 011

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 012

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 013

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 014

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 015

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 016

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 017

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 018

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 019

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 020

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 021

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 022

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 023

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 024

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 025

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 026

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 027

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 028

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 029

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 030

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 031

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 032

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 033

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 034

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 035

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 036

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 037

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 038

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 039

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 040

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 041

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 042

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 043

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 044

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 045

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 046

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 047

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 048

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 049

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 050

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 051

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 052

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 053

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 054

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 055

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 056

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 057

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 058

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 059

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 060

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 061

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 062

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 063

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 064

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 065

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 066

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 067

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 068

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 069

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 070

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 071

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 072

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 073

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 074

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 075

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 076

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 077

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 078

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 079

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 080

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 081

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 082

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 083

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 084

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 085

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 086

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 087

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 088

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 089

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 090

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 091

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 092

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 093

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 094

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 095

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 096

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 097

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 098

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 099

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 100

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 101

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 102

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 103

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 104

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 105

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 106

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 107

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 108

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 109

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 110

Hotel-DuPont-winter-wedding 111

Winter wedding

Blizzard wedding

^^ A huge gust of wind happened here. That gust of wind gave us our most favorite photo but also was the breaking point. We couldn’t feel our faces anymore.

Wedding creatives: Florals: Beautiful Blooms // Photographer: M2 Photo // DJ: Remixologists // Hair & Makeup: True Beauty Marks // Bridal dress: Rosa Clara  // Bridal shop: Lovely Bride Philly // Venue: Hotel DuPont // Groom’s tux: Enzo Custom


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