This past Saturday, we shot Jon and Maria’s wedding. I was very much looking forward to this wedding from the moment we met Jon and Maria. Why? Because they are great people, have the most adorable son ever, Jonathan Joesph, and Maria herself, is a vintage gal! Her and I have very similar taste and so Michael and I were excited to capture her and Jon’s wedding day in a taste that we knew she would love.

The wedding was held at the gorgeous Welkinweir Estate. The website does not do this place justice. The grounds are beautiful and breathtaking along with the estate itself. It’s tucked away in what seems to be it’s own little world. We would love to shoot here again.  The catering was done by Sage catering.

One special person was missing at the wedding, Maria’s mother.  We were unaware that years ago (not exactly sure on how many), Maria lost her mom.  While shooting their portraits, Maria told us a story and her story touched both of our hearts.  After Maria’s mother had passed, her father had found a letter in the attic along with unopened Christmas gifts for Maria and her brother.  The letter was to Maria and written by her mother.  Maria’s father decided to wait and give the letter to Maria on her wedding day, which was the perfect time to read it.  The letter talked about advice for when Maria would get married and talked about her hopes and dreams for her daughter.  I didn’t read the letter, but that was enough to get me crying.  Her story hit a soft spot, being a mother myself to two little girls.

I really felt connected to this wedding for whatever reason. Michael and I always try to make each wedding as personal as we can and connect with each couple. I know I say this just about every week and with every couple, but it’s quite amazing how one wedding inspiration can differ from the next and so we need to treat and capture each wedding that way.

Their family and friends were also just as awesome!  A few people even talked Michael into doing his “sexy dance”.  He doesn’t do his sexy dance for just anyone.  It’s a lot less sexier than you’re probably imagining, haha.

This wedding also marked the beginning of our “associate in training”. Tom Pappa, a friend, who we admire and trust, is now in training to be our associate next year. We are extremely excited to have him work along with us. Tom, you did great!!  A few of his images were used in the slideshow.

Below are some images from their wedding.  To see more images from their wedding, check out their slideshow!


Jon and Maria, we love you guys and wish your blessed little family only the best =0)



This was one of my favorite images of the day.  I got lucky with this shot.  It’s borderline, but everything is tastefully covered.

RIP Captain Consequence (aka…the groom).  Great speeches!


5 responses to “A Welkinweir Estate Wedding | Jon & Maria”

  1. Maria says:

    The slide show ended and I was so disappointed – I didn’t want it to be over! I CANNOT wait to see them all!!! What an amazing team you guys are. From Jon and I both, thank you so very much!!! xoxo -Maria

    • Katie says:

      These. are. amazing. My fav is the one of Maria leaning on Jon’s shoulder during Elaine’s speech. Love them!

      Maria – You need to send some of these into J. Crew – they have a “real weddings” feature now!

  2. Caryn Shechtman says:

    Wonderful pictures from the amazing wedding of my wonderful friends!

  3. Erin says:

    I love every single one! My favorite is either Maria and Jon leaning against the tree, maria dancing with her dad, or the end of captain consequence! hahahahaha (let’s be serious, I doubt he’s going anywhere)
    Melissa and Michael, can’t wait to see you both again in September for Caryn and Nikola’s wedding!

  4. gabi says:

    These photos are beautiful and do an amazing job to capture the energy we all felt that day. Michael’s sexy dance was very sexy – hope it comes out again soon. Thanks guys 🙂

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