Melissa and I are looking for an eager and funtastic person to work as an intern for us.  Being an intern with M2 is a great way to learn and gain insight about a variety of things like workflow, editing, shooting, lighting, and even raising twins ;0) !
What our intern is like:
Loves photography(obviously) – able to commute to Collegeville, Pa – can proficiently use a computer – some sense of design ability – great with communication – always on time – loves learning new things – loves children – can stand listening to a wide range of music – shoots Nikon(just kidding, but if you don’t we may poke fun at you!)

Who this is NOT for:
People looking for insight into starting their own business. People looking for a paid job.

When our intern will work:
We will pick one day a week that works for the both of us. We do have flexibility and we expect the same from you. The duration of the internship will be 3-6 months and can be customized to fulfill internship requirements if being done for school credit.  Work days will most likely be during the week but we will give opportunity to come and assist us on shoots.

Why our intern is doing this:
On top of learning bits and pieces about the behind the scenes with M2 our intern will gain knowledge in photography itself.  This could be the equivalent of but not limited to taking our The Beginner workshop and our Learn to Edit workshop which is brand new.  It would depend on how much you already know.  We are also open to extending an internship into a paid second shooter job.  And to take it a step further we are also open to the possibility to of adding our intern to our team as an associate.

How to apply:
If you’d like to become an intern, please send us an email @ Please include the following information;

– Name
– Phone #
– A picture of yourself (don’t worry, we don’t care what you look like, we just like to put a face to a name)
– A resume or some background information
– Your portfolio if you have one
– Tell us why you want to be an intern
We’ll reach out to those we think could be a good fit to set up interviews.


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  1. alexis says:

    Hi , im Alexis & i love doing photography & we had a meeting in school about internships & i would love to do this. Im 17 years old.

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