Michael and I seriously love what we do, how could we not?  It’s couples like Matt & Jen that make us really love capturing weddings.  Maybe you remember Matt and Jen from their Princeton engagement shoot (the couple with fantastic taste in boots).

I think these two were destined to be together and we are happy they found each other.  I think all of our couples are very much in love (hence why they are getting married, lol), but sometimes, I just think…wow, this couple is really spectacular together!  At times during Matt & Jen’s wedding, it was as if there wasn’t 100 plus people in the ballroom, it seemed as if there was only Matt and Jen.  They are very much in love, that is obvious! There were tears (some were mine), laughter, a lot of dancing, and the best MOH speech in M2’s history.  Jen’s sister, Carolyn, did an amazing job writing and singing her version of American Pie.  I cannot even do her justice, because it was pretty incredible.  It was funny and sweet.  Carolyn, I think it’s safe to say that you could have a successful future as a singer/songwriter if you’re current day job doesn’t work out =0)

The reception was just as awesome as the rest of the wedding.  It just so happens that they are country fans (x-tra points for them…b/c I too love country….for real!).  Brian Dzbenski of MDJ Entertainment did a great job of mixing up the music and keeping people on the floor (although, I think this crew would have danced to just about anything).

They also had a slideshow at their wedding.  Not your typical slideshow of pictures…in fact it was extremely clever.  It included, pictures (of course), the perfect narrator voice, and people like Owen Wilson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Eva Mendes, just to name a few.  Again, it’s one of those things, you just had to be there =0)

Below are images from their wedding.  To see more images from their wedding, check out their slideshow!!

Matt & Jen,  you guys have a special kind of love, something that is rare and pure.  We are so happy for you both!  Enjoy your much deserved 3 week honeymoon <3
















































4 responses to “Matt & Jen | Washington Crossing Inn”

  1. Carolyn O'Neill says:

    WOW! These pictures are absolutely amazing 🙂 Love the work you both do

  2. Check out some of the pics from my sister’s wedding. These are amazing.

  3. Heather Hinkle says:

    These pictures are amazing!!!!! Awesome job 🙂

  4. Jennifer Kocsak says:

    I still look at the pictures and LOVE them 🙂 Thanks for documenting our memories!

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