Doug & Maureen's Adventure Shoot
"life is either a darling adventure or nothing at all" -helen keller

When we were planning Doug & Maureen’s engagement shoot, they mentioned they wanted it to be different. They wanted it to be a unique Philadelphia engagement shoot, edgy and with adventure. They love Philadelphia and it’s charm and wanted to capture that in their photos. It’s hard to believe that this place lays hidden (from some) in the middle of downtown Philadelphia. This location is filled with art, overgrown greenery, abandoned tracks, crumbling buildings, and maybe the best; a large swing.  We love unique and we love couples that love to embrace this life to the fullest. This location wouldn’t be a top contender for many couples. These two embraced the grunge and combining that grunge to their beautiful love made for some lovely imagery.

Doug and Maureen have a really natural and easy connection. They laugh a lot and the chemistry between them was really beautiful to photograph. These two were up for anything and are two of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. We photographed their wedding this past fall and are dying to share that with you too. It was an incredibly beautiful wedding filled with so many pretty details and so much love. Keep an eye out for that.


unique-philadelphia-engagement-photo 001

unique-philadelphia-engagement-photo 002

unique-philadelphia-engagement-photo 003

unique-philadelphia-engagement-photo 004

unique-philadelphia-engagement-photo 005

unique-philadelphia-engagement-photo 006

unique-philadelphia-engagement-photo 007

unique-philadelphia-engagement-photo 008

unique-philadelphia-engagement-photo 009

unique-philadelphia-engagement-photo 010

unique-philadelphia-engagement-photo 011

unique-philadelphia-engagement-photo 012

unique-philadelphia-engagement-photo 013

unique-philadelphia-engagement-photo 014

unique-philadelphia-engagement-photo 015

unique-philadelphia-engagement-photo 016

unique-philadelphia-engagement-photo 017

unique-philadelphia-engagement-photo 018

unique-philadelphia-engagement-photo 019

unique-philadelphia-engagement-photo 020

unique-philadelphia-engagement-photo 021

unique-philadelphia-engagement-photo 022

unique-philadelphia-engagement-photo 023

unique-philadelphia-engagement-photo 024

unique-philadelphia-engagement-photo 025

unique-philadelphia-engagement-photo 026

unique-philadelphia-engagement-photo 027

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