I’ve been so excited to share this Iceland engagement shoot with you. Iceland has always been on our bucket list. I seem to prefer colder climates.

When we met with Tom & Claudia, we started talking about Iceland, and we said what if we just go together and make an adventure out of it? So we did. Their spontaneous and adventurous spirits became friends with ours.

Our time in Iceland was brief. We stayed there for three nights and jammed as many sights as we could into those 4 days. We saw the northern lights which was one amazing highlight of our trip. It’s not every day you have the opportunity to do a night portrait under the Aurora Borealis.

Our shoot with them was featured over on one of our favorite wedding blogs, Junebug, a couple weeks ago. You can also check out their adorable save the date engagement video by Solidity Films on that feature.

Iceland- PartII coming to the blog soon. 🙂

Iceland-portrait-shoot 001

Iceland-portrait-shoot 002

Iceland-portrait-shoot 003

Iceland-portrait-shoot 004

Iceland-portrait-shoot 005

Iceland-portrait-shoot 006

Iceland-portrait-shoot 007

Iceland-portrait-shoot 008

Iceland-portrait-shoot 009

Iceland-portrait-shoot 010

Iceland-portrait-shoot 011

Iceland-portrait-shoot 012

Iceland-portrait-shoot 013

Iceland-portrait-shoot 014

Iceland-portrait-shoot 015

Iceland-portrait-shoot 016

Iceland-portrait-shoot 017

Iceland-portrait-shoot 018

Iceland-portrait-shoot 019

Iceland-portrait-shoot 020

Iceland-portrait-shoot 021

Iceland-portrait-shoot 022

Iceland-portrait-shoot 023

Iceland-portrait-shoot 024

Iceland-portrait-shoot 025

Iceland-portrait-shoot 026

Iceland-portrait-shoot 027

Iceland-portrait-shoot 028

Iceland-portrait-shoot 029

Iceland-portrait-shoot 030

Iceland-portrait-shoot 031

Iceland-portrait-shoot 032

Iceland-portrait-shoot 033

Iceland-portrait-shoot 034

Iceland-portrait-shoot 035

Iceland-portrait-shoot 036

Iceland-portrait-shoot 037

Iceland-portrait-shoot 038

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