In the midst of Sandy, we are trying to prepare ourselves that at any moment, our power could go out.  With 50mph winds,  it’s surprising that there are still leaves lingering on our trees.  They all seem to be getting stuck in our gutters…(yeah…picture this ** Me standing at the bottom of the ladder with an flipped up umbrella, Michael on the {wet} roof pulling out the leaves, when he throws them out, the leaves end up hitting me in the face because of the wind {my umbrella useless} and our girls and uggs poking their cute little heads out from the curtains watching us…we are such a cute/special family ;0) ha!

Leaving you with that mental picture, I’m excited to share with you Tom & Cindy’s engagement shoot..where the leaves are still on the trees and look oh so pretty!!

Stay dry and more importantly safe 🙂  xoxo



One response to “Tom & Cindy’s Collingswood engagement shoot”

  1. Tom Finer says:

    Thomas & Cindy,
    Outstanding couple, beautiful pictures, every picture made me smile. The camera loves you both.

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