Something we always strive to do is teach the girls that there are so many ways to do so many things.  And usually if  everyone is doing something the same way, there’s definitely an opportunity there.  In this case, it had to do with teacher appreciation week.  What do most kids do?  A thank you note, paper weight, drawing, candy, and of course the ever popular “worlds best teacher” mug.  While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, why not do something different?

In conversation with the girls a couple days ago we were talking about what to do.  We started throwing ideas out there that were more creative.  Within a couple minutes we agreed that making a video would be a great gift.  But of course just doing a straight video talking about how great someone is isn’t that fun.  The girls asked if they could use some props from our photobooth company.  Of course I said yes!

The next night we set up the lights, prepped the camera, and brought out the props.  And of course a mop to lay on the floor so they knew where to stand, haha.  They each took turns dressing as different “students” for each of their videos.  It was ridiculously funny and hopefully their teachers will like them!  Below is a picture from when they were going back and forth about how great their teachers are.  Didn’t use that footage for the video but we get to add that to the personal collection.

This image was taken on May 3, 2016 @8:15pm. (15 minutes past their bedtime!  Lucky kids!)


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