We believe in the law of attraction. We believe you are the sum of who you surround yourself with. We believe that nothing is impossible. We believe that we are all more creative and talented and valuable than we think we are.

Four years ago, we were searching, searching for something.  We didn’t know what exactly that was, but we were searching. We realized we hit a plateau. We reached a level of success with our business that we never thought was possible. We went further than we thought we could. Growing is great, but we had no idea where to go from there. What was next for us? We had some negative influences in our life that were pulling us back or preventing us from moving forward. We felt stuck. We felt uninspired, we felt burned out.

Around this time a friend reached out to us and sent us a link to the What if Conference. The next conference was in Portland and 3 weeks away. We are pretty spontaneous people and we agreed this conference sounded amazing and we needed to give it a try. What If we went? What was the worst that could happen?  We’d go there, realize it wasn’t for us, but hey we went to Portland. So, we went. Going into this conference we had zero expectations.  We had no idea what to expect. If you ask anyone that has gone to one of these conferences, they have a really difficult time explaining the conference itself. This conference and these people were exactly what we needed, exactly when we needed it. We left there with new friends, hearts so full of love and inspiration. This conference reshaped how we ran our business, how we shoot and approach our photography, and most importantly it changed how we live our lives and raise our children. It was also this conference that Gethrr and Poser Photobooth were born.

We loved it so much that we went back for the 2013 conference in the Dominican. There were some people from the last conference there but most of the people were new. This allowed us to form all new connections. I had some expectations for this conference based on the last, but at the same time, I had no idea what to expect.  I wasn’t sure if we’d walk away with something new since having already been to one. The Dominican conference was magic. It was the right location (no wifi, completely unplugged), the right people, and the right speakers. I think every single person walked away from this conference with their minds blown. I remember Natalie Norton’s small group session (if you don’t know Natalie, she’s an incredible human being. If you ever get the chance to hear her speak, take that opportunity), Natalie was able to reach a level of vulnerability that I didn’t even realize I had the potential of knowing. There wasn’t dry eye in that group.  I felt like the world just hit me in the face, but in a good way. Her session alone has helped my personal life tremendously. It has also helped me with our photography. It has allowed us to tap into something more vulnerable with our imagery. I remember just after this conference, we did a shoot and at one point, Michael, myself and our couple were all crying and laughing. They were some of the most beautiful images we’ve ever taken. From that thirty minutes with Natalie, our personal life become influenced by vulnerability and therefore our work became influenced by that. Many more dreamers were born at this conference.

It was this conference that Jen and Steve started the giving back portion. Not only are the people that come to this conference in search to better their own lives, but they are also in search to better the lives of others. One afternoon each conference, we donate our time to help others in need. It has been such an incredible experience to be apart of.

At this point, we realized we needed this conference in our lives. We also needed the people in it just as much. It was during the Arizona conference (2014) that we realized we needed to make major changes in our lives. One of the things we took away from this conference was the idea of creating our own ‘Dreamunity’. Creating your own community of dreamers is important to one’s success and important to our overall quality of life. I think we’ve all had people in our lives that instead of lifting you up and pushing you to your full potential, they rather suck the life out of you instead. We’ve had a few of those in our lives, and the Arizona conference helped us curate our life, including the people in it. We believe a community is better than a one man team. The people you surround your days with can either make your life really incredible or it could do the complete opposite and make life miserable.  Since we only have one shot at this life, I prefer the first option.

Last year’s conference reminded me a lot of the Dominican. There were many tears and many hugs. Last year was an eye opening experience. We’ve established really amazing relationships with like-minded people. Good people with big dreams. A lot of those people being photographers, which in itself, given our profession holds extreme value.

One thing I’ve come to realize from the last four years is that our photography and our professional life greatly depends on our personal life. You can attend incredible photography workshops to learn how to become a better photographer and you can attend really incredible and insightful business workshops on how to become a better businessman or woman. But a level of your success and happiness will always rely on your personal health. This is one of the many reasons I love What If. It has given us practical learning tools for becoming a better photographer, running a non-profit, and becoming a better business guru. But most importantly it gave us food for our soul, some really delicious, mouth watering good food. Food that has recharged our dreams and our hopes. It has given us inspiration that carries us through our days.  It has undoubtedly made us better people, a better friend, a better photographer and better parent.

What if 2016 will be held in Mexico on 1/25-1/28. The Bebb’s are running a 48 hour flash sale for the remaining open seats.

5 nights of accommodation (the workshop for newcomers begins a day early because they have their own awesome thing going on with the Scobey’s). It’s also great having those extra couple nights to spend with the other creatives and digest everything.

$1500 for 1 person

$2500 for 2 people

Another great thing about what if is that it’s not limited to just photographers. This is a conference for creative entrepreneurs. If you’re a dreamer and you want to be a doer, this conference is right up your alley.


Here are some images from our time at What If 2015

Everyone needs Hello Happiness card co. in their lives.

For a recap of our volunteering at CIDA 

Thanks Beth for the photo 🙂


As said by John Lennon, “I may be a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”. I feel like we’ve finally found our people.

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