We had the wonderful opportunity of spending a little time with this adorable little family.   I first met Christine and Jason 5 or so years ago, while we were all living in Philadelphia.  Since then, we all got married, had some kids, Michael and I moved to the burbs and they moved to San Francisco (right around the corner, haha).     However, we’re still friends on facebook (of course) and I’m excited we got to meet Jakob in person.   He’s a handsome little man and I can see how much joy he brings to their lives.  It’s amazing what an impact a baby can have on someones heart 🙂

Jason & Christine, thanks for thinking of us during your visit!  We’ll be sure to venture to the west coast again soon 🙂



Seriously, how cute are they together?

haha.  What a little stud muffin!

The Monks really have nothing to do with this shoot, but we found them interesting as with everything else you may encounter in Philadelphia ;0)


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