It’s been 4 months since our Thailand vacation. Going through these photos has me really missing this place. It was a trip that I’ll never forget. One that is dear to our hearts. We went to Thailand with our friends the Solars. Josh, Jenny, and their three kids, Max, Ava and Lia. I’m breaking our post up into 4-5 separate posts. There is so much that I want to share and talk about but I also don’t want this post to be overwhelming.

After our long flight with China Air, we landed in Bangkok. The first thing we did was navigate their public transportation system. That definitely takes getting used to. We checked into our hotel and went to Wat Phra Kaew or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. A few tips when visiting temples in Thailand.

  1. Remove your shoes before entering
  2. Do not get in the way of local people who are there to worship
  3. Back away from the Buddha statue rather than turning your back
  4. Do not touch sacred objects in the worship area.
  5. Do not raise yourself higher than the image of Buddha
  6. Do not point your feet towards Buddha

The basic rule for what to wear in a temple is for women and men to cover your shoulders and knees. Ideally cover your ankles too.

Our first day in Bangkok was hot. Well over 100 degrees. Most of our days in Thailand were over 100 degrees. We didn’t plan this first day well and if I had to do it again, I’d buy 50 pairs of elephant pants on the streets for situations like this (and also to lounge in every day for the rest of my life, obvi).

We spent one day in Bangkok before moving on to Chiang Mai.

Thailand-vacation-part 1001

Thailand-vacation-part 1002

Thailand-vacation-part 1003

Thailand-vacation-part 1004

Thailand-vacation-part 1005

Thailand-vacation-part 1006

Thailand-vacation-part 1007

Thailand-vacation-part 1008

Thailand-vacation-part 1009

Thailand-vacation-part 1010

Thailand-vacation-part 1011

Thailand-vacation-part 1012

Thailand-vacation-part 1013

Thailand-vacation-part 1014

Thailand-vacation-part 1015

Thailand-vacation-part 1016

Thailand-vacation-part 1017

Thailand-vacation-part 1018

Thailand-vacation-part 1019

Thailand-vacation-part 1020

Thailand-vacation-part 1021

Thailand-vacation-part 1022

Thailand-vacation-part 1023

Thailand-vacation-part 1024

Pigeons. I’m pretty sure I had a nightmare like this once.

Thailand-vacation-part 1025

Thailand-vacation-part 1026

Thailand-vacation-part 1027

Thailand-vacation-part 1028

Thailand-vacation-part 1029

Thailand-vacation-part 1030

Our kids were all so tired that first night. An 18 hour flight will do that to you. Lia was so tired that she fell asleep on the subway floor waiting for the train.

If you’ve never ridden in a tuk tuk before, you must. It’s pretty terrifying at times and you may question your own judgement, but it is exhilarating and once you make it to your destination, you think “wow..that was fun, let’s do it again”. Kinda like a roller coaster, but with way less safety regulations, haha.

Thailand-vacation-part 1031

Thailand-vacation-part 1032

A little airport madness.

Thailand-vacation-part 1033

Thailand-vacation-part 1034

Thailand-vacation-part 1035

This was our first time driving on the opposite side. Driving in Thailand to begin with is not for the faint of heart. Driving in Thailand on the opposite side of the road, on the opposite side of the vehicle definitely had me regretting the decision many times on not purchasing full coverage insurance on the car. I think I started to get the hang of it by day ten.

Thailand-vacation-part 1036

Thailand-vacation-part 1037

Day two was our travel day to Chiang Mai. It was also a take it easy kind of day. Our kids and the dads went to a local pool and Jenny and I were on a grocery shopping quest. We stayed in this 5br airbnb home for $25 per night (per family) and it was great.

Thailand-vacation-part 1038

Thailand-vacation-part 1039

Day three was one of my favorites. Although, I have many favorite days on this trip. We hiked up the Mae Sa waterfall to this really perfect swimming hole. Even though it was really hot out, the humidity wasn’t terrible and thus the heat was tolerable, but made the water feel even more refreshing.

Thailand-vacation-part 1040

Thailand-vacation-part 1041

Thailand-vacation-part 1042

Thailand-vacation-part 1043

Thailand-vacation-part 1044

Thailand-vacation-part 1045

Thailand-vacation-part 1046

Thailand-vacation-part 1047

Thailand-vacation-part 1048

Thailand-vacation-part 1049

Thailand-vacation-part 1050

Thailand-vacation-part 1051

Thailand-vacation-part 1052

Thailand-vacation-part 1053

Thailand-vacation-part 1054

Thailand-vacation-part 1055

(photo cred: Josh Solar)

Thailand-vacation-part 1056

Thailand-vacation-part 1057

Thailand-vacation-part 1058

Thailand-vacation-part 1059

(Photo cred: Josh Solar)

Thailand-vacation-part 1060

(Photo cred: Josh Solar)

Thailand-vacation-part 1061

Thailand-vacation-part 1062

Thailand-vacation-part 1063

Thailand-vacation-part 1064

Thailand-vacation-part 1065

This Sunday night market (located along Ratchadamonoen Road) was pretty spectacular. I felt like I was spending all of our money on gifts here, but in reality things don’t cost much here and I still had money left to buy more elephant pants.

Thailand-vacation-part 1066

Thailand-vacation-part 1067

Thailand-vacation-part 1068

Thailand-vacation-part 1069

Thailand-vacation-part 1070

Thailand-vacation-part 1071

Thailand-vacation-part 1072

Thailand-vacation-part 1073

Thailand-vacation-part 1074

Thailand-vacation-part 1075

On day four, we went to the Bua Tong Waterfall (also known as the sticky waterfalls). Have you ever heard of the sticky waterfalls?  No? Well basically, they are waterfalls you can climb. The stones are covered in limestone deposit and therefore are sticky instead of slippery. It’s pretty amazing.

Thailand-vacation-part 1076

Thailand-vacation-part 1077

Thailand-vacation-part 1078

Thailand-vacation-part 1079

Thailand-vacation-part 1080

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Thailand-vacation-part 1082

Thailand-vacation-part 1083

Thailand-vacation-part 1084

(Photo cred: Josh Solar)

Thailand-vacation-part 1085

(Photo cred: Josh Solar)  Listen, it’s really beneficial to travel with other photographers. I highly recommend it. 😛

Thailand-vacation-part 1086

Thailand-vacation-part 1087

Thailand-vacation-part 1088

Thailand-vacation-part 1089

Thailand-vacation-part 1090

Thailand-vacation-part 1091

Thailand-vacation-part 1092

Thailand-vacation-part 1093

Thailand-vacation-part 1094

Thailand-vacation-part 1095

Thailand-vacation-part 1096

Thailand-vacation-part 1097

(Photo cred: Josh Solar)

Thailand-vacation-part 1098

Thailand-vacation-part 1099

Thailand-vacation-part 1100

Thailand-vacation-part 1101

Thailand-vacation-part 1102

Thailand-vacation-part 1103

Thailand-vacation-part 1104


Thailand-vacation-part 1106

Thailand-vacation-part 1107

Thailand-vacation-part 1108

When driving up, we saw this really large staircase leading to somewhere. We were intrigued, so on the way out we stopped by. We climbed up 234 stairs (yes, we all counted) and found a Golden Buddha in a cave. The name of this place is called the Bua Tong Cave. It was so incredibly beautiful.

Thailand-vacation-part 1109

Thailand-vacation-part 1110

Thailand-vacation-part 1111

Thailand-vacation-part 1112

Thailand-vacation-part 1113

Thailand-vacation-part 1114

Thailand-vacation-part 1115

Thailand-vacation-part 1116

Thailand-vacation-part 1117

Thailand-vacation-part 1118

Thailand-vacation-part 1119

Thailand-vacation-part 1120

Thailand-vacation-part 1121

Here in the US, we transport horses, pigs and cows. In Thailand, they transport elephants.

Thailand-vacation-part 1122

For great and cheap food, check out Kanjana‘s.

Thailand-vacation-part 1123

Thailand-vacation-part 1124

Sometimes, you accidentally hit your light switch while getting out of your car, right? And sometimes, your battery dies because of it. Such is life. I mean these are real life moments people. You get the good and the bad and sometimes the ugly. Luckily, we found someone that spoke some English and helped jump the car. I’m being quite dramatic, it really wasn’t that bad at all.

Thailand-vacation-part 1125

Okay, so this was my absolute favorite day out of all favorite days. If you know us, you know how much we love animals. Playing with elephants was an absolute dream for us. We decided on the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. We originally wanted to do the Elephant nature park but sadly we could not able to get a reservation. We wanted to choose a place that had good reviews and were known to respect and care for the elephants rather than abuse them. We had the best time with these gentle giants and little baby giant.  It was such an incredible experience. It was also a really great thing for our girls to experience. They now want to save all the elephants in the world.

Thailand-vacation-part 1126

Thailand-vacation-part 1127

Thailand-vacation-part 1128

Thailand-vacation-part 1129

Bumpy dirt roads = hands up.

Thailand-vacation-part 1130

Thailand-vacation-part 1131

Thailand-vacation-part 1132

Thailand-vacation-part 1133

Thailand-vacation-part 1134

Thailand-vacation-part 1135

Thailand-vacation-part 1136

Thailand-vacation-part 1137

Thailand-vacation-part 1138

Thailand-vacation-part 1139

Thailand-vacation-part 1140

Thailand-vacation-part 1141

Thailand-vacation-part 1142

Thailand-vacation-part 1143

Thailand-vacation-part 1145

Thailand-vacation-part 1146

Thailand-vacation-part 1147

Thailand-vacation-part 1148

Thailand-vacation-part 1149

Thailand-vacation-part 1150

Thailand-vacation-part 1151

Thailand-vacation-part 1152

Thailand-vacation-part 1153

Thailand-vacation-part 1154

Thailand-vacation-part 1155

Thailand-vacation-part 1156

Thailand-vacation-part 1157

Thailand-vacation-part 1158

Thailand-vacation-part 1159


Thailand-vacation-part 1161

Thailand-vacation-part 1162

Thailand-vacation-part 1163

Thailand-vacation-part 1164

Thailand-vacation-part 1165

Thailand-vacation-part 1166

Thailand-vacation-part 1167

Thailand-vacation-part 1168

Thailand-vacation-part 1169

Thailand-vacation-part 1170

Thailand-vacation-part 1171

(photo cred: Josh Solar)

Thailand-vacation-part 1172

(photo cred: Josh Solar)

Thailand-vacation-part 1173

Thailand-vacation-part 1174

Thailand-vacation-part 1175

(photo cred: Jenny Solar)

Thailand-vacation-part 1176

(photo cred: Josh Solar)

Thailand-vacation-part 1177

(photo cred: Josh Solar)

Thailand-vacation-part 1178

thailand vacation

After the elephant park, Jenny and I went for our first massage. AND NO…we did not get our massage at this place shown, but thought it was freaking hilarious. haha. We went to Fah Lanna spa and it was beyond amazing.  Jenny and I got a couple’s massage because that’s what you do with your girlfriends. It was a 3 hour foot, thai and Aromatherapy Oil Massage. It cost $22 (yes, you read that right).

Look out for Thailand part two coming soon.

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    These pictures are amazing! I am so proud of you all, and ecstatic that you are visiting these places as a family and sharing your photographs will all of us. Love Mom

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