Yesterday, Bella asked me if I could teach her photography.  I cannot even tell you how happy that made me!  Melissa and I have been teaching them things about photography over the passed couple of years but its been super basic.  They are just now starting to be able to hold the camera for more than a minute without getting tired, haha.  Anyway, I jumped at the opportunity.  Talked with her about background, focusing (single point and auto), and subject interaction.  I was the subject to start with and yes she told me knock knock jokes to get me to smile.

It wasn’t long before Ava came out.  I gave her the camera and talked briefly about the same things as I did Bella.  I then had them each photograph each other, making their own decisions.  It was such a wonderful experience for me in so many ways.  I believe that everyone should learn how to use a camera properly and learn how to create beautiful images.  Photography is a wonderful gift that creates invaluable images.  Whether or not my girls decide to pursue photography is up to them.  All I know is, they will know photography.

Todays image if from Bella of Ava.  Taken July 12th, 2013 @ 11:21 am.



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