The day started out at Sha Bella Salon in Hatfield. We started bright and early to cover ladies getting their hair and makeup done.    I stayed with the girls as usual while Michael and Tom (our kick a$$ associate) went with the guys.

Anthony and Jenna are a special couple.  Our personalities clicked right away, it seemed as if we were old time friends.  The more comfortable the bride and groom are around their wedding photographers, the better the pictures (seems like a no brainer).

Their ceremony was held at Mary Mother the Redeemer in North Wales.  Their reception was held at Talamore Country Club, an amazing space to shoot in!  It was a perfect space for us for several reasons.  We also had another opportunity to work with Jason from Synergetic Sounds.  We’ve worked with him a few times before and highly recommend his company.  I think I stress enough about how important having a good dj is, but just in case I haven’t gotten my point across yet, it really is important, lol.   Once again, he did a great job in getting people on the dance floor and keeping them there.

As for the party itself, I’ve never seen so many dropped beverages and therefore broken glass before.  Michael counted 5 and I counted 6 but that’s besides the point, there was a lot!  Did it stop the dancing?  Nope, and it didn’t stop people from dancing barefoot either.  Episane! I think you can guess how fun this wedding was.  Jenna is an insanely fun dancer, who I’ll be inviting to my next girls night out dancing, haha.  Anthony and his family, along with 99.7% (guesstimating) of their guests are HUGE Penn State fans.  He had “We Are” cuff links along with other Penn State do dads at the wedding.  Jenna even surprised him with a Penn State grooms cake at the rehearsal dinner made from the delicious baker and talented cake artist Mike & Jackie Stackhouse from The Cake Shop.

We didn’t have any other shoots this weekend, so we stayed for the after party.  It was nothing compared to the craziness of the reception, it was more low key and much more calm.  It was nice grabbing a drink and chit chatting with new friends.

Below is our quite extensive sneak peek of Anthony & Jenna’s wedding.  To see more images from their wedding, check out their slideshow =0)

Anthony & Jenna’s Slideshow



Part 2 to follow…Yes, there is a part 2!

Philadelphia Wedding photography bride preparation

Philadelphia wedding photography groom preparation

Penn state cuff links

Mom and Daughter on Wedding Day

Priscilla of Boston wedding dress

Bride getting into dress

Philadelphia Wedding photography bride preparation

Dad and daughter first look on wedding day

wedding recessional Philadelphia wedding

Fun wedding party portraits

Bride and Groom entrance dance

Bride and Groom first dance

funny Father daugther dance

Etsy Cake top

Wedding Cake Smash

Bride tossing Bouquet

synergetic sound and lighting

groom dancing at wedding

8 responses to “A Talamore Country Club Wedding | Anthony & Jenna”

  1. Meghan Welsh says:

    YOU GUYS WERE GREAT! These pictures look amazing 🙂 cant wait to see the rest of them!!

  2. Jenna and Anthony says:

    One word AMAZING!! Thank you for capturing our day!!! See you when we return 🙂

    • Caitlyn says:

      Hi! You photos are amazing and you look beautiful!!!! I love your dress and the bridesmaids dresses-if you dont mind me asking, where did you get them? They are so pretty and my perfect color for my upcoming wedding next year shot by m2 🙂

      • Jenna says:

        Thank you so much!! I got the dress from Priscilla of Boston in Ardmore. They are amazing and affordable!

  3. Tom says:

    GREAT WORK M2! It was an honor to shoot with you two again and be present at such a FANTASTIC celebration…
    thank you M2 and thank you Jenna and Anthony! Your wedding ROCKED!!!!

  4. Linda says:

    AWESOME job Melissa, Michael, and Tom!!!!
    You captured amazing moments of a beautiful day. Thank you so much for your creative magic.
    Can’t wait for part 2

  5. Jaclyn Stackhouse says:

    so beautiful, amazing work as usual and jenna you looked gorgeous! thanks guys for the shout out 🙂

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