Wow, are really in mid November?  It can’t be…..can it?  We’ve been a little backed up on blogging our recent engagement shoots.  We have some really good shoots in the pipe!  Michael and I have been working around the clock to catch up from our September and October weddings, which, is always prime time for weddings.   That being said, we have a 2 week break before we have our final string of 2012 weddings.   During the next 2 weeks, you’ll be seeing some catch up posts of some wonderful engagement shoots.  Heck, I may even finally blog our road trip this past summer as well as our what if trip in Portland.  Stay tuned friends!

First up is Steve & Jessica’s lovely Longwood gardens shoot!  How sweet are they?  Looove!

Happy Friday!




One response to “Steve & Jessica’s Longwood Gardens engagement shoot”

  1. Jessica Yost says:

    I love the photos! They’re so beautiful! You guys really do know how to capture the light and the mood perfectly!

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