I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a little thrown this week.  Our girls have off school and it’s Thanksgiving week! It’s a little hard to stay focused.  However, I am determined to get a lot accomplished this week.  We want to share a few blog posts with you.  A couple engagement shoots as well as the road trip we took this past summer. There is so much to be thankful for and I cannot think of a better week to tell you what Michael and I are thankful for!

We are thankful for our amazing clients.  Our clients hire us to do what we do best.  If it wasn’t for our clients trusting us, we wouldn’t be where we are today, both physically and creatively.  Our clients give us our inspiration and from that comes our creativity.  So for that, we are truly thankful for each and every couple!

I’ve been so excited to share this recent shoot with you.  Each time we find ourselves shooting in Philadelphia, we see it in new ways! This city will never get old to me!  Thanks to Stephen who is the best history tour guide..EVER…because of him, we were able to find new parts we never knew existed!  Much love to him and Marguerite, who in all honesty, belong together!  They complete each other!

Happy Monday!


I love all of Marguerite & Stephen’s photos, but I’m so in love with {LIKE OUT OF THIS WORLD..IN LOVE WITH} the remaining photos!

Although twilight was not on my mind when shooting this, I can’t help but think of it when looking at it.  Perhaps I’m just in a Breaking Dawn state of mind 😛  {No Judging}


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