Birthaversary?  Yes!  My favorite.  Okay, maybe I’m bias because Michael and I were married on my birthday.  But seriously, this couple is special, because their birthaversary will also be on independence day.  They are not married yet.  They nuptials will be next July 4th 🙂  So cool!

For their Philadelphia Art Museum engagement shoot, they really wanted to roll with that theme a bit.  Because their wedding will be on the 4th of July, they also wanted some simple sweet shots too (without the props).

I’m so excited to share these images with you.  I know that Stan and Hilary were exhausted after the shoot.  Yes, it can be very tiring!  Especially when you climb hills {in hills} ;0)  {Hilary & Stan…thank you so much for putting up with our ideas and trekking up that hill in this humidity…you guys rock! Seriously!}



The bench where they met for their first date!  Such a cute story 🙂

The “magic hour”.  The sun was AHHH-MAZING!

She’s so pretty!  This shot captures her beauty!

And I think this shot captures Stan’s beauty too, haha. {I didn’t want to leave you out Stan!}


You’ll be hearing more from us this week!  Plenty more, I’m sure.  It’s a busy week!  We leave for Portland on Monday for the What If conference!  So exciting!  Good things coming!



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