I know this is a week or two late!  We’ve been working our little booties off getting caught up with our April weddings, that I hadn’t had as much time to blog about our personal stuff from St. Lucia.  I decided to start working on this during our Memorial day weekend!  Exciting, I know!

As most of you know, we recently shot Mandi (Moore) & Chris’s wedding in St. Lucia.  What is most exciting about Destination Weddings is that you get to work and play.  Although, I do not consider shooting weddings work, the working part comes after the wedding.  For us, shooting a destination wedding is a great way to meet new people.  We’ve had the opportunity to meet some really incredible people, that we wouldn’t have had the chance to meet otherwise.  It also gives us the opportunity to document a different location and sometimes different cultures.

From the pictures, it may seem like we had a lot of down time, lol..  We were actually with Mandi & Chris and their family and friends at some point every day.  We also saw a lot of each other around the resort, sippin’ those coladas.  I’m not gonna lie, I want to go back!

Usually, with every trip we take, there is an interesting story.  In almost every case, one of us four are picked for additional screening at airport security (even Bella).  Although, I’m not sure why that happens, do we look like suspicious people, lol ?  Or maybe we just look that interesting and mysterious to them, they want to know what we’re packing.  Literally, haha.

The only hiccup we had during our trip was our delayed flight from the Hewanorra airport going back to the states.  Our flight was delayed and I was almost convinced it had something to do with the starfish I had in my bag that I checked on.  Talk about Paranoia!  However, it turned out, it wasn’t my starfish that delayed the flight, it was just some small part of the plane that wasn’t functioning normally.  Very comforting! lol!

Anyhow, below are images from our time in St. Lucia.

This shot was taken after take off in Philadelphia, we were on our way to Miami.  Pretty sunrise.

No lost luggage, No lost luggage, No lost luggage…crossing fingers!!!

At first, we thought our luggage was actually lost.  Not our camera gear, that comes with us.  If we had to loose something, it was going to be our clothes.  Who needs clothes anyway?  haha.

Our bag ended up being the very last bag on the conveyor belt.  What a relief! After retrieving our bag, we had to stand in the long line of St. Lucia customs (because our bag was last).

Most customs we’ve experienced have been long and lengthy due to them chemically testing each piece of camera equipment we have.  It’s a precaution and we absolutely understand that.  It’s comforting that they do such a great job in testing everything.  St. Lucia was the smallest airport we’ve been to, but they also had the fastest customs line 🙂

Our commute from the airport to Sandals was 1.5 hours of breathtaking views with some steep drop offs (no guardrails.. exhilarating, lol).  In that time frame, we got some pretty shots of the island.

Apparently the island has a lot of stray dogs.  Not sure how safe it was for me to pet one of them, but I couldn’t help myself, she was cute.

Our hotel room.

Our daily visitor.  Every morning this bird would fly and sit on our patio.  Not sure if it was the same exact bird, but it always looked the same, haha.

The lighting was always so amazing.

Trying out the underwater gear.  Interesting to say the least.

We moved from the sea to the pool because Michael was kicking up too much sand, lol.

We look special, haha.

This guy made us necklaces for the girls.  I don’t remember his name though. :0 The other guy who tried selling us an expedition, his name was ‘Magic Man’.  Imagine that.

Michael took this shot.  It’s one of my favorites.

It’s wedding day!  Yay!

We had to join in on the fun!

And so did the workers.  Seriously, this wedding was a blast.

Our snorkeling adventure.

Our last day…we always wake up on the last day to photograph sunrise no matter where we go.  This is why I look not exactly…..’awake’.  The light sure was pretty though.

I found her washed up on shore.  I named her Flo, haha.

Back to Hewanorra.  This guy was cute and provided fun entertainment, haha.

Finally, we are able to board our flight, presidential style!

There you have it.  If you’ve never been there, hopefully you can experience something through the images.  If you have been there, you know how truly beautiful this island is.  If you’re thinking about going there, absolutely without a doubt go!  But just an FYI, don’t order wifi, haha.

Happy Tuesday and I hope y’all are recovering from your Memorial day weekend!



6 responses to “This is how we roll!”

  1. Chita says:

    Gorgeous! Especially love the over-water underwater photos, and that last sunny photo of you two 🙂 Looks like an awesome trip!

  2. Jen K says:

    These pictures are great!!

  3. mandi says:

    love it! i think on of my favorites is the one of michael swimming away from you while snorkling- the swirl of the water from his fins is awesome. the b&w of you two on the sailboat is sweet too 🙂

  4. Chris says:

    Awesome pictures. Such amazing photography!
    BTW… we definitely want the photos with you two in the group shot and the one with the staff. They came out awesome.

    • Melissa says:

      You’re getting them all. Well maybe not the images of Michael solo, haha, but definitely the scenic pictures and any you are in…absolutely!

  5. Josh says:

    Great pics! Thanks for visiting our island. Please come back.

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