The more I do shoots like this, the more I enjoy this type of photography.  All women are beautiful in different ways and are great subjects.

Also what female doesn’t enjoy being pampered?  You get your hair and make-up done, you have a drink, chat with other girls, and I take pretty pictures. I have fun with it.

What woman doesn’t enjoy quality female time?  Let’s be honest, we enjoy talking about things that most men could care less about.  For instance, shopping, shoes, who’s dating who in Hollywood, bridesmaid dresses, pinterest, twilight, true blood, the hunger games,  etc.

Whenever I can have a conversation about any of those things with another female, it’s like a breath of fresh air.  The most popular topics that come up in my discussions with Michael involve specs of the new full frame cameras, shooting at high iso, Nikon lenses, what we need to buy, and off camera lighting.  All of which I enjoy talking about, but I could never get Michael to willingly be open to a discussion about a sweet pair of heels. Lol.

Ireen has given me permission to show you some of my favorite images, which I’m excited to share.  Except if your name happens to be Brennan.  And if it happens to be your name and you are the Brennan that is her boyfriend.  Except you.  You’ll need to wait, haha.

Some of the pictures gave me goosies (aka goosebumps) when I saw them.  She is a naturally beautiful person.  My goal with Ireen was to shoot in a way that would enhance her natural beauty.

Much thanks to my make-up artist, Yvette.  She’s funny, fun, sweet and insanely awesome at what she does.  She’s my girl.

Also, thank you Juliet and Sarah for assisting me with this shoot.


 We played a game during hair and make-up.  I seriously need to buy this for future shoots!

Bodi came along for support.  He just about gave Mr. Ugglesworth a stroke.  Our dog is the biggest alpha male (and he’s a pug).

Is it just me or do you agree that she resembles Scarlett Johanson in the below right image?

Feel free to be social and leave some feedback 🙂

Happy Friday everyone!



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