Shot dead!
be on your toes

You always have to be on your toes around our house.  You never know who’ll come jumping out at you.  Sometimes its just to scare you for fun.  Other times though.. its to hurt you.  Just the other night, I came out of the bathroom and Melissa shot me with an arrow!  Don’t worry, it wasn’t a real arrow.  And take Ava in this picture.  I remember calling out her name.  I knew she was in my bedroom.  The plan was to take a shot of her right when she opens the door.  Shooting the “first look” like that usually yields an honest expression.  So she opens the door and aims at me immediately.  She even has her one eye closed.  She was aiming at me!

You’ve been warned.

This image was taken December 19th, 2013 @7:09pm.  And in case you’re still wondering.  She didn’t kill me.  Not this time.




The AB Project 55

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