Sheldon the Turtle
It's about time!

Let’s be honest here, the girls (and us) haven’t been working much on Super Sitters.  It’s been awhile since they’ve gotten any business.  They are only 9 so we’re not too stressed about it.

They were asked by a client of ours, Yay Cristina & Tim!, to watch their turtle Sheldon.  Or is it Shelldon?  It would be more clever spelled that way.  So here they are playing with him on our couch.  This was probably after he peed on the floor which seems to be his specialty.

I’m proud of the girl, they’re doing a great job!  They’re feeding him, giving him exercise, and making sure his light is off an night and on first thing in the morning.

This image was taken August 21, 2016 @ 8:18pm.



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