It hasn’t been feeling like December the past few days, but it sure did this past Saturday!  The only thing this winter wedding didn’t have was snow and let’s not sound too needy because this wedding was as perfect as it gets!   I do not use the word swoon often… in fact, I don’t think I ever used that term.   However, there is a first for everything and this wedding has me swooning!  If you didn’t know, I’m a HUGE fan of winter weddings.  Why?  It sounds crazy, yes, I’m aware, but I think it’s the perfect time to get married.  It was chilly and correct me if I’m wrong, but on chilly days, you want to cuddle up next to your other half (or your dog…whichever, you like better I guess, haha)?  It’s a cozy time of year.  The bummer of winter is that it gets dark earlier, which, usually means less time for portraits.  Not necessarily.   Philadelphia at this time of year is so pretty, it’s almost magical (almost, haha).   You’ll notice that everything about Shaun & Liz’s portraits are cozy.

With 4 more weddings left for 2012 (insert frown face), I think we are ending on a strong note!   Would you agree?  We’d love to hear your feedback on this wedding :0)


First off….who has a house like this?!  Come on!  Pulley’s and all…

My first reaction when I stepped into her house was “shut the front door”!  Holy freaking smokes!

I recently did a boudoir shoot with Liz.  It’s something she wanted to do for Shaun.  It was probably one of my best shoots.  I feel like Liz is a person that I just clicked with right away.  She’s a beautiful and caring person inside and out.  Shaun compliments her  so well, as he’s the same exact way.   I know I sound so sappy when I say this, and I’m sure every wedding photographer should say this, but we are seriously so unbelievably blessed to be doing this for a living.

So brides to be…ponder over this idea 🙂

{Shaun…sorry if my vintage button was too much for you, haha}

How gorgeous is her dress?  I think if this was my dress, I’d wear it every day, all day!  Think I’m kidding?  ;0)

Can they be any more into each other?  It was like the rest of us in the church didn’t exist.  We did (obviously), but seriously, they were so cute!

I like seeing people upload pictures as soon as the ceremony is over, haha.  Ooo, the social media world that we live in!

Liz’s hair was so awesome, it’s Pinterest worthy!

Ya did good ladies!  Well done 🙂

I’m such a huge fan of shawls.  We saw 3 wedding parties in Old City Saturday night.  The odd thing was, they all had the same dress color (one of them with a white shawl too).  Quite honestly, I think our girls wore it best, haha.  Of course I would say that, because they are awesome!

One of my most favorite shots of the entire day!  Michael deserves the credit for this spot 🙂

We made a quick stop to Liz’s hair salon.  The reaction…priceless. FREAKING romantic.  Seriously, Michael and I need to get married again so I can plan a winter wedding!

If you look closely at the picture below, you’ll see someone standing in the window.  CREEPY!

This is probably our best ring shot…ever!

I loved their simple, clean, yet romantic and cozy decor!  It was perfect for this time of year.

Have you ever heard of Philadelphia Funk Authority?  If not, look them up!   They are only one of the coolest bands around.

Shaun & Liz, we know you will not see this until you return from you honeymoon.   We hope we were everything you hoped we would be!  We absolutely loved working with you and thank you so much, from the bottom of our heart, for including us 🙂

To see more of their wedding, check out their SLIDESHOW!

Happy Wednesday (which, feels a whole lot like Thursday..hate when that happens)!




Wedding Details

Venue: The Downtown Club

Entertainment:  Philadelphia Funk Authority

Photographers: M2 Photography

4 responses to “Shaun & Liz’s winter wedding affair”

  1. Meredith says:

    Gah, these photos are gorgeous!! Some of your best yet, I think. The exterior nighttime shots and close-ups of the decor are stunning!!

  2. Phyllis says:

    These pictures are absolutely wonderful. They say a picture tells a story… these pictures are so amazing and tell a perfect story of friendship, commitment and love which were captured perfectly.

  3. Cate says:

    Stunning! Do you know where she got her dress?

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