Same Same but different
Twins but not

Theres not doubt that Ava & Bella have similarities beyond their looks.  They’re both kind, creative, thoughtful and funny. Enough about me though, am I right?  Anyway, while thats true about THEM, they’re also very different.  This image is just one example of many.  When it comes to some mannerisms and tidiness, they’re much like either Melissa or myself.  Here you see Bella with an unnecessarily long spoon so gracefully eating her peas.  I believe she averaged on pea on the ground per spoonful.  Then you have Ava, with her near clean plate, drinking grape juice out of a wine glass – pinky up.  In case you’re wondering about the candles and Ava’s apron, this was a candle lit dinner that the girls and I prepared this night for Melissa.

Oh so which one is which in this picture?  I won’t tell you that answer but what I can tell you is that the spoon is Melissa’s.  =)

This image was taken 1/9/17 @6:21pm.

M2 Photography

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