Happy Friday everyone!!  Before we head out for one of 2 weddings this weekend, I wanted to share with you a recent engagement shoot we did at Valley Forge 🙂

Ryan and Bethany are a super cute couple!  Their awkwardness (their words, lol, and not true) in my opinion brings out the true couple they are, which is fun, loving, goofy.  We’ve been shooting a lot of couples lately that personality wise, are very similar to Michael and myself…which is awesome!   If I had to describe Michael and me, it would be very similar to Ryan and Bethany..fun, loving, and especially goofy.  I know when Michael and I have pictures taken of ourselves, I somehow always misplace that 1 serious bone in my body.  I always find it after the shoot, but it’s hard for me.  So I can totally sympathize to those that feel the same way.  However, what fun would it be if you were totally serious all the time?  Like ZERO fun!  So why not have fun with it, show some emotion.  I’m insanely jealous of those couples that can stare into each others eyes romantically for minutes without blinking, but not everyone is like that..I get that!  And if you can’t do that either, because at some point, it’s like you’re playing the staring game and you can’t help but laugh, it’s okay!  It’s okay to be goofy, it’s okay to laugh at Michael’s jokes, and it’s okay to be the real you!  That’s what we love!

On that note, I hope you enjoy this shoot as much as I did 🙂

PS.  Bethany also made me pumpkin cupcakes…how cute is that?! Thank you Bethany for feeding my pumpkin addiction!  I heart you!





2 responses to “Ryan & Bethany’s share apple cider at Valley Forge”

  1. Bethany says:

    We love them. 🙂 thanks again!!!

  2. Chirssy Vensel says:

    Gahhhh I love these! beautiful work! as always! :))

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