Happy Friday everyone!! ¬†Before we head out for one of 2 weddings this weekend, I wanted to share with you a recent engagement shoot we did at Valley Forge ūüôā

Ryan and Bethany are a super cute couple! ¬†Their awkwardness (their words, lol, and not true) in my opinion brings out the true couple they are, which is fun, loving, goofy. ¬†We’ve been shooting a lot of couples lately that¬†personality¬†wise, are very similar to Michael and myself…which is awesome! ¬† If I had to describe Michael and me, it would be very similar to Ryan and Bethany..fun, loving, and especially goofy. ¬†I know when Michael and I have pictures taken of ourselves, I somehow always misplace that 1 serious bone in my body. ¬†I always find it after the shoot, but it’s hard for me. ¬†So I can totally sympathize to those that feel the same way. ¬†However, what fun would it be if you were totally serious all the time? ¬†Like ZERO fun! ¬†So why not have fun with it, show some emotion. ¬†I’m insanely jealous of those couples that can stare into¬†each others¬†eyes romantically for minutes without blinking, but not everyone is like that..I get that! ¬†And if you can’t do that either, because at some point, it’s like you’re playing the staring game and you can’t help but laugh, it’s okay! ¬†It’s okay to be goofy, it’s okay to laugh at Michael’s jokes, and it’s okay to be the real you! ¬†That’s what we love!

On that note, I hope you enjoy this shoot as much as I did ūüôā

PS. ¬†Bethany also made me pumpkin cupcakes…how cute is that?! Thank you Bethany for feeding my pumpkin addiction! ¬†I heart you!





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