This hushed up romance started at Rutgers University, in a classroom.  A pretty single gal sitting in front of a single handsome man.  Of course, they’d find each other.  Sweet, huh?   Weeeeeell, it didn’t happen quite that way.  However, it happened and that’s all that matters, right?!  Haha.

They are such a great couple who are very much in love.  So in love that, Lindsay would sneak Marc up through the fire escape, so that her sorority sisters wouldn’t notice.  So much that he relocated to Minnesota with her.  So much that she didn’t kick his butt for scheduling his bachelor party for the night before their engagement shoot and so much that he actually showed up for the engagement shoot, in one piece, presentable, and endured a hot day in a suit without a complaint =0)

I loved this shoot so much and so excited to share it with you~

Happy Friday everyone!






One response to “Marc & Lindsay’s Classroom Romance!”

  1. Tina says:

    Love all the shots in the classroom! Non-traditional locations like that are my favorite:)

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