It’s just about that time.  And what I mean is off-season.  Pat and Amy’s wedding was our second to last wedding of our 2011 season. Their wedding was held at the Riverdale Manor, a pretty/cozy little place in Lancaster.

Pat and Amy are a super cool couple.  They are real people and when I say real, I don’t mean pinch your arm to determine you’re real type of real.  I mean they are sincere, warm, and have a true appreciation for the beauty in life.

During their reception, I said to Michael, “you know I feel like I’m at Silk City tonight, this is EXACTLY the type of music they play there”.  (**love that place btw).  I mentioned this to Pat at the end of the night, expecting they would have no idea what I was talking about (happens a lot, lol).  Anyway, they live in North Jersey, so I assumed they would have no idea what Silk City was.  However, it turns out that when they lived in Philadelphia, it was one of their hang out spots.  In fact, they liked it so much that Amy wanted their party to be a “silk city party”.  The friend behind playing the music was also a former Silk City dj.  After hearing that, my liking for them when up about 10 notches and way off the chart.  **Based off of that alone, they picked the right photographers, lol.

Amy also has a huge love for Etsy.  And really, who doesn’t know and love Etsy?  If you don’t, you should look into it because you too will love it.

It was really great capturing their wedding in our eyes as well as spending time getting to know more about Pat & Amy and their awesomatimistic friends and family.

Below are images from their wedding.  To see more pictures, check out their slideshow!

Go Nikon!  =0)

Pat & Amy, it’s been a real pleasure being part of your wedding (aka, silk city party).  Best wishes to you both!  If you’re ever in the area, give us a call!

See you all on November 27th for our last wedding post of 2011.  If you know us personally, you know we’ll need to go out with a bang =0)

TTFN (ta ta for now)




Wedding Details

Venue: Riverdale Manor, Lancaster, Pa.

Catering: Riverdale Manor in house catering

Ceremony/Cocktail Hour Musician: Cherrywood String Ensembles

Photographers: M2 

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  1. you guys have such a gift at capturing every emotion. we can’t wait to get our engagement session in february! and, of course, to meet you!

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