Our latest engagement session was ridiculously fun and strange at the same time, haha.  This location offered so many random oddities, you never knew what you were going to get if you just kept walking.  It’s like when we shoot at a venue for the first time.  I compare it to a child having a parent who is a dentist, who doesn’t allow them to indulge in candy (not saying that actually happens, but it makes sense).   Kids love candy (really? No way! lol), so, when taken to a candy shop, they have uncontrollable excitement.  Well, that’s how we feel in a new venue…so many possibilities.

We’ve been itching to shoot here for quite some time.  Finally, we found the perfect couple to shoot here.  It’s straight retro, which we love.

Take a look…


A vintage blue rusty ferris wheel…heck yes!


A pink antique car….ABSOLUTELY!

I LOVE that they dressed up for this shoot.  They look more suitable for a hot date in the city rather than for a retro amusement attraction…HOWEVER, it totally works and adds perfectly to the randomness.

Haha, I love this series!

Stinger vs. Scorpion…scary!

They even have dinosaurs…well, part of a dinosaur!  It  can still attack though…

Love shack baby!  Their new home…

Random tube tv?  Check!

Isn’t she gorg?!!  So pretty.

Rich too…how pretty is he?

This was fun and had us feeling a bit dizzy.

Rich & Jen, we cannot wait for your wedding!  You did awesome at this shoot and we absolutely adore you two!  We cannot wait for all the wedding excitement!!


Happy Thursday everyone!




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  1. M says:

    Great again! Where is it??

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