Raising daughters has been a gift and this time in our society makes this also very important. This piece is a commentary on how women have evolved in our society and continue to do so. How they’ve stepped out of the shadows of men and the roles we’ve placed them in. How they have a right to stand up for themselves and to have equal rights. Being a man and feminist makes this all the more important for me to intentionally raise them. And alongside my beautiful and strong wife, I know we’ll succeed. Women are superheroes but too many of us haven’t realized it yet. Including many women.

Women have always been incredibly important and we’re only here because of them. Women are banding together along with smart-minded men to assert their important roles. We’re standing up for their rights to make their own decisions about their bodies. Their rights to make any decision based on what they want regardless of how “normal” it is. No longer can they let sexism and misogyny be tolerated.

Movements like the Me Too movement are necessary steps and not just important but an inspiration to younger women like my daughters. Sexual harassment and sexual assault happen every day and no more can we allow it to happen. We empower our daughters to be part of this movement and to stand up for themselves and all women.

While we’re gaining traction, we have a long way to go. And like racism and hatred, it will always exist since it’s typically taught and passed down from generation to generation. But, instead of these things having as large of a presence in our society, I believe it will eventually be nearly extinct. Maybe not in my daughter’s lifetimes but maybe their children’s lifetimes.

There are so many incredible examples of women who stood in the face of adversity and we need to celebrate them. We must learn from them. Women like Kathrine Switzer, Amelia Earhart, Rosa Parks, Margaret Hamilton and Jeannette Pickering Rankin. The list goes on and on and I look forward to seeing the list continue to grow.  (to see more of my chalk work, please visit instagram.com/chalkboardportraits/)

This photo was taken February 19, 2020.

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