We should all know about Mr. Ugglesworth, our pug, by now.  Well, the girls insist that he is a part of our family which means he gets treated quite well too.  Every so often when he is dirty enough (or we want to torture him) we’ll give him a bath.  Correction, the girls will give him a bath.  Me bathing another male could be awkward, right?  This week’s picture is of Ava & Bella holding uggs in their Rapunzel towel like a baby.  And he just gives in at this point.  It’s ALMOST cute, haha.  Notice how Melissa is near by just in case he falls on his head?  Seeing how happy the girls are to have Uggs in our lives is worth his craziness.

Speaking of craziness, here is his latest bout.  He wasn’t eating his food.  I wasn’t going to give in and get him some hot gourmet stuff so we kept trying to get him to eat his dry food.  Turns out, you can feed him out of your hand or he’ll eventually eat it if you just throw it on the ground.  Apparently of the last week or so he decided he doesn’t like eating out of metal bowls.

This picture was taken 7/1/12 @ 3:26 pm.



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