This weekend we had the opportunity to shoot something a little different.  We photographed an organic farm.  Potter’s Farm to be exact.

Let me give you a little background story of how I know them…

I grew up with Leah and Leigh Ann and somehow, I’m related to them both.  Leah lived across the cornfield from where I grew up.  I literally would walk through a cornfield to get to her summer parties, haha.   Leigh Ann’s dad is actually married to my aunt who were also my neighbors.  It’s strange, I get that, don’t think about it too hard!  ;0)

And so, this farm shoot has been in the works for a couple months.  Like most other families I imagine, they do not have many family photos.  Not only did they have to plan the date of the shoot around our busy schedule this summer, but they also had to work out everyone else in the family.  Somehow they all managed to be available.  I’m sure a photo shoot wasn’t the most ideal thing for some to do on a Friday afternoon/night, but years down the road, everyone will be happy they did.

The first portion of the blog is the family picnic.  Their property is peaceful (all 60 acres of it), mostly secluded, and sports some really cool rustic barns ;0)

This entire set up looks fake to me.  It’s too cute!

I tried out a new peach drink recipe.  Pureed peaches, mandarin oranges, organic honey, organic lime, and fresca.  However, I did not puree the peaches enough and it clogged up the  nozzle, lol.  It was still good (and healthy).

Their first family photo since well, the last one, which was taken in the 80’s.  (Faith, there was nothing you or any of us could do about 80’s fashion..great family picture regardless, haha).


Pretending to be a celebrity and well, I guess we’re  TMZ. ha!

How absolutely adorable and perfect is this little girl’s hair?!  I loved her.  I really wish my hair had that same bounce and curl!

Who doesn’t love goats?

He likes to bring toy dinosaurs along to shoots…I’m kidding, we were just holding onto it!

Now, let’s move onto the farm.  I really love that they are doing something positive with all the land they have.  Greg (Leah’s husband), Leah, and Leigh Ann work hard to make this farm what it is.  Since starting the farm and following them in this new journey, they’ve inspired me to not only eat healthier but also grow a garden in our backyard.  I unfortunately do not have a green thumb and a terrible track record for keeping green plants alive (apparently they need water, haha).  However, I find what they do not only inspiring but also life changing.

Meet the most photogenic (and the first) chickens we’ve ever photographed.

Okay, this guy is just down right crazy!  He even looks crazy doesn’t he?  Crazy hair, Crazy eyes…totally crazy!

We thought we’d do some head shots.

Great scenery isn’t it?

Photographer in the making…. at least she shoots Nikon!  I’M KIDDING canon lovers.  Canon makes great cameras too.

It’s hard work being a farmer and doing a long photo shoot, haha.

It was a fun experience for us.  Please check them out on Facebook and if you’re not already following them, Potter’s Farm, you should.  They give a lot of great information not only about health, but also what it is you’re really eating 🙂 hehe.

Have a nice night everyone!





6 responses to “Potter’s Farm”

  1. Kathleen says:

    Love it, my favorite shoot! Water your garden! lol

  2. Leah says:

    Thank you so much, Melissa & Michael! Although we aren’t used to being in front of the camera and were a bit nervous, we had loads of fun and think the photos turned out great! We are so happy to have these family memories captured on film. Instead of buying presents, I saved up for a few months to do this because I know these memories will be the best gift of all in the years ahead. Thank you!

  3. Tom says:

    REALLY cool! What beautiful land and fantastic photos guys!

  4. Faith says:

    Missy and Michael – what wonderful photos! And great blog post — love the head shots! Thanks so much for coming out and working your magic with the fam and Potters Farm! We had so much fun and I must say – this definitely beats the 80’s photos by a million miles! Can’t wait to see them all and I can’t thank you enough for lending your talents and skills!

  5. gokhan says:

    Thank you guys, great pictures…

  6. Faith Zerbe says:

    thank you so much for capturing our family and the farm….these pictures are fond memories now and we are so grateful for them. xoxo

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