If our kids can do it
your kids can do it

Yesterday was a big day at our house.  The girls knew about our newly launched charity, Gethrr, but they didn’t fully understand.  Know what I mean?  Any who, I sat down with them and we talked about it for a while.  I also explained the pledge to them as well.  This was tougher than I thought but I think they got it.  Scratch that, they got it.  Just asked them.  “Helping people and caring about the Earth”  Side note: make a kid friendly version of the pledge.

One of many reason we started Gethrr was for our children so this was very important.  We want them to be part of this awesome community.  And we want them to make giving and doing good a part of who they are.  In today’s world, its so easy to live selfishly and we want to steer them in the other direction.  And this is where leading by example comes in.

Back to the pledge.  They agreed to sign it.  We talked about different examples of how they could honor the pledge.  It was nice for me to do this because it showed how simple this really is.  The difficult thing is being mindful.  Something I still struggle with by the way.

So not only are they giving each month to Gethrr but have signed the pledge too!  I should add that they doodled on the pledge in addition to signing it.  It’s a thing they tend to do on anything that comes in contact with what they’re writing with.

This was our big day yesterday.  I’m so proud of them!  I’m proud of you girls!  And I hope they’ll be the first two of so many children who join this community and make the world a better place.

This image was taken February 16th, 2014 @ 11:54am.


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