Emir and Joann’s wedding was a perfect ending to a great wedding season.  They are two people that anyone can get along and have fun with.

Their wedding was held at the Please Touch Museum…a familiar place that we love!  Except this time, for their portraits (per their request), we shot their portraits outside rather than inside.  There were some really large balloons involved (which are extremely difficult to fit into any doorway!).

Joann has great taste and I loved the direction she went with their wedding.  At cocktail hour, they served hot dogs from a cart, cheese steaks, popcorn and cotton candy (YUM).  The details were super fun to document.

Their reception had a synergetic dj, a photobooth, a Korean tradition (something you don’t see everyday), and Justin Beiber….CLEARLY, a good time!

I could write much much more about them (because they are that cool), but Michael has had me up way too early the past 5 days to do home improvements at our new house/studio.  Between the lack of sleep and the paint fumes I’ve been inhaling the last couple days, my brain is kinda fried (temporarily not to worry =)  Besides, what you really want is to see the pictures.

Their photobooth post will be up by the end of the week. Stay tuned…they are good.

Below are some images from their wedding <3  To see more pictures, check out their slideshow!

I was in healthy food heaven…haha.


Looks painful doesn’t it?  I’m not really sure the exact details of this tradition, but I think I got the jist of it…hitting the grooms feet with bamboo so he can’t run away…being Joann’s forever.  I also remember hearing something about babies, makes him more fertile?  Lol…I may be off on that one, but sounds fun.  My question is, must you be Korean to practice this tradition?  I’d really like to try it on Michael (except for the making him more fertile part), haha.

The perfect ending to my night, when Joann and Suzi (her sister), handed me this card!  This was the first Twilight card we’ve gotten from a bride and groom.  It plays a song too 🙂

I like twilight….I’ll admit it.

Well love birds, it’s been a fun time.  I wish you’d stay around here and not go to Texas.  But then again, I don’t blame you =0)  Hopefully we’ll join you there in the future 🙂

Happy Cyber Monday!




Wedding Details

Venue: Please Touch Museum

Catering: Brúlée Catering

Entertainment: Chris, Synergetic Sounds and Lighting

Photographers: M2 

8 responses to “Emir & Joann’s Please Touch Museum Wedding”

  1. Jane Yuh says:

    It was a such a great wedding!! Beautiful work =)

  2. Susan Lee says:

    omg… LOVE THEM! u guys did such a great job! hope the move was smooth and thank god its been nice out so u dont inhale too many fumes 😛

  3. this is beautiful work Melissa!! and the fastest turn around EVER!!! May we use these images for our site too?

  4. Joann Lee says:

    Thanks for the awesome pictures!! Even bigger thanks for getting the blog and slide show up so quickly! I’m pretty sure it’s been hectic with all the moving. Sorry for the bad timing. Can’t wait for the photobooth pics I <3 M2 🙂

    • Melissa says:

      Bad timing? Not on your part…totally on our part. It was our silly decision to buy a house during wedding season, haha. Our clients are really important to us and come first…(even before home renovation:)

  5. Tom says:

    What a fun wedding! Great pics M2!

  6. WOW! What a night. You really know how to have a perfect memory. I had a ball. We Love you both.

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