As-Salamu `Alaykum!

I’m back…after hours of sitting in front of the computer, excited to get these images ready to show.   This was our first Pakistani wedding that we’ve photographed.  We love experiencing and documenting weddings in different cultures.  We’ve photographed weddings where the entire ceremony was a different language.  I find it just as touching as any ceremony that I would understand spoken in English.

We met with the bride a month ago via Skype.  We went over details and she prepped us the best she could =0)   We imagined it would be a beautiful wedding, but the beauty surpassed what we had envisioned.  Everything was beautiful, the venue, the women, the dresses, the jewelry, the children, the decor, everything down to the last detail.  I still cannot wrap my mind around planning a wedding for 500 guests in 6 weeks.  It completely blows my mind, but they did a FANTASTIC job.  The wedding looked as though it was in the making for years.

It was a pleasure meeting both their family and friends.  Michael and I are both happy and excited for them as they start their future together!

Thank you to our associate photographer, Tom, for being our 3rd photographer at this event.  It was very beneficial having you there with us!

Please enjoy the most extensive preview we’ve ever shown 3 days after a wedding =0)

You can also check out their slideshow for additional images.





Wedding Details

Venue: The Palace at Somerset Park

Photographers: M2 

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