Piercing love
Ava gets her ears pierced

Ava & Bella love each other.  There’s no doubt in my mind.  We see it all the time in little moments they have together.  Sometimes one does something small for the other.  Sometimes its when one reaches for the other’s hand while they’re walking together.  Yesterday it was Bella feeling for Ava when she was getting her ears pierced.  Whenever one of them gets a shot or hurt in any way, the other feels for them.  Usually with a shot the other has to leave the room and go hide somewhere where they won’t hear the other cry.  If one hears the other cry, they will as well.  It’s hard to see this but also so beautiful.

Yesterday, Ava got her ears pierced.  Bella wanted to support her by holding her hand.  As soon as Ava started to tear up in anticipation Bella had to walk away.  The first picture below is Bella just before the piercing.  The second picture is Ava getting her second ear done.

In the end it was all four of us with tears in our eyes.  Yes, I know this might seem too much but this is us.  My children inspire me in so many ways but their love is by far the most incredible thing to see and experience.

“So you’re telling me this whole post came about because of an ear piercing?  Something that nearly every girl goes through?  Something so common?”


Life is filled with these little moments for all of us.  And it’s so important to slow down and take notice of them.  To reflect even.

Last night we were all laying in bed together.  I told Bella that I love how she feels for her sister.  How proud I am of her for being Ava’s best friend….protector….sister.  She then asked me to stop because she was tearing up.  I explained that it’s ok to cry.  Its good to feel what she feels.  And don’t EVER stop.

Yesterday was a wonderful day.

These images were taken yesterday, September 7th, 2014 @ 2:23 & 2:24pm.


The AB Project 66

The AB Project 66 (2)



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