Michael and I have begun offering photography workshops this year.  It is a great class for someone wanting to learn how to use their camera and/or someone who wants to learn how to shoot their camera in manual.

This workshop happened to be our first filled to the max workshop.  Thank gosh Jackie and Mike from The Cake Shop donated extra red velvet cupcakes.  They really outdid themselves this time!  I had at least 2 before anyone arrived =0)

We had a great class that asked a lot of questions (which we like).  It seemed by the end of the class that everyone understood what it was that we were teaching and that makes us feel good.

Our funtastic models, Juliet and Brian, were past wedding clients of ours.  I was so happy when they volunteered to be our models!

Our next workshop and most likely our last workshop for the year will be held on Saturday August 13th.  Interested in signing up or want more information?  We have 2 spots available so shoot me a message on the contact page.





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