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Our friends at Pixifi want to give away two 6 month trials and asked us to help!  If you’re a photographer who shoots a lot, you NEED this.  Why?  Because being a photographer, professionally, sucks up so much of your time and you need our time back!


What is Pixifi?

To put things simply, Pixifi helps you book your events online, track clients, events, invoices, credit card processing, digital contracts, and so many other things.
Then at tax time you can see what you’ve made, what you’ve spent, how many miles you’ve traveled, and more!

It’s also easy to get started with it!  We’ve tried other systems before and they’re not very user friendly.  When you first login, there’s a getting started checklist that tells you exactly what to do in the order you should do it in.  And then to make things even faster they created mini wizards in a lot of the sections to save you the time of having to do them manually.

Then to make things even better they give you FREE questionnaire templates (So awesome!) and FREE e-mail templates to get you started that you can then tweak to match your brand and how you would say things!  This could literally save you hours!!!

You can create event reminders and invoice/payment reminders too so that when scheduled, will automatically remind your clients about their events, or that they still need to make a payment!  Take all of those e-mails times the number of clients/events you have and that’s a lot of e-mails!  If you’re doing all of this follow up manually, then you need to stop!

At the end of the day, it keeps you organized.  It’ll give you your life back.  And with a built-in client portal.  It will help keep your clients organized too!  They can see all of their events, invoices, questionnaires, and more all in one place!

Also, there is a super helpful Facebook support group if you ever have questions, and a small but growing support center with articles that give more in-depth descriptions about how things work and how to set them up.

I’m sure I missed some features here but hopefully you get the idea.  If you want to learn more about how great Pixifi is, then head over to Pixifi.com!


So how do you win the 6 month trial?

That’s easy peasy (as my daughter would say), comment on this post telling us what you would do with the freed time you’d get by using Pixifi!  We will then randomly select 2 people!

The contest ends April 22nd so get your commenting on!


Good luck!


23 responses to “Photographers: Win a 6 month trial from Pixifi!!”

  1. Kat foley says:

    With the extra free time, I’d get in some wedding planning !

  2. Drinking something frosty or world peace…whichever.

  3. Dena says:

    I am so in need of something like this! Maybe it will increase my number of showers per week… ha!

  4. Jamie says:

    I would work on more personal projects and try to learn spanish

  5. Lain Eubank says:

    With all the extra time Pixifi would save me, I would volunteer my photography skills to a local adoption agency to create photo stories for birth mothers and the babies and kids who are adopted by their forever families.

  6. Casey says:

    I would spend time with my son … 🙂

  7. Rachel V says:

    What wouldn’t I do with the free time? Work more on my website, be more organized and able to do more sessions, have more time in my day to edit, paint that office like I’ve been meaning too…the list goes on.

  8. Jessi says:

    I won’t lie..I’d probably just be taking more pictures of my children but they are my inspiration so that would be a huge help!

  9. Oh my, I have been on the fence for SO LONG about joining, but I’m afraid to put in all the work of customizing it and then what if I decide I don’t like it??
    The extra free time would let me spend more time with my kids, especially since the weather is getting nicer every day. I have a board of projects on Pinterest that I’ve been wanting to do with them, and on my own, but just don’t have enough time 🙁 I actually barely have time to clean my house, which is frustrating, so I’d be doing that too, lol. And my husband and I would be able to have our weekly date nights again 🙂
    I am a perfectionist, so I spend WAY too much time on things like forms, design, emails and filing. I have accounts thru Wufoo, Shootproof, Freshbooks and Outright, which cost monthly and let’s be honest: having FOUR different logins is annoying. I would love to have it all in one place!

  10. With my free time I’d clean my house and spend time with my family!…. alright, maybe not clean, just cuddle with my loves 🙂

  11. Rob says:

    I have looked at Pixifi and since I am at the start of my my business. I am now having clients call to book and it would be a great way to manage my new business.

  12. Angela says:

    I’d spend more time with my two loves. My hubby and baby girl!!!

  13. If we were to win the 6 months of pixifi, we would use that extra time to market our business more. We have seen all the great things that Pixifi offers and it would allow us to get out there and talk to more people about our business.

  14. Could I throw ourselves into the mix? lol… Just kidding. But seriously, if I had more free time, I would take Ava and Bella to the park more often, I would make more shapes out of clouds, I would count more stars, and I would maybe clean out our attic (maybe…). That’s what I would do with more free personal time. I would also take that time to further simplify our lives! Loving all of these answers!!

  15. Chelsea says:

    What would I do with the extra time? I can’t really remember what that is, but I think I’d either go to bed when my kids do or read a new book. Both of those sound so good right now, it’s kind of a toss up!! 🙂 Thanks for doing this, I’ve been wondering about trying Pixifi for a while… crossing my fingers!

  16. catch up on all of the OTHER work I have to do! 😛

  17. I would spend more time with my 5 month old daughter and my wife.

  18. Jill Singer says:

    I would reclaim my time with my children. I love the fact that I set my own schedule, work when I need to, and have some flexibility, but let’s face it…it’s the time spent doing things that Pixifi does for you that truly saps your time! With three little ones in the home, I would love to be able to run my business successfully while still having time for my little ones before they are grown. Besides, that’s the important stuff in life, isn’t it…

  19. Tatum says:

    Wait… Free time? What’s that? Running my photography/design business by myself and being a wife and mother of 2 makes for no free time. Ever. I’ve been desperately searching for a solution to help make me more efficient! If this one worked, maybe I would actually put on real clothes and be seen in public for once!

  20. Kristen says:

    I’d be outside riding my bike more and snapping photos of my kids playing. A lot of days they play outside while I’m stuck in the office doing work stuff! Pesky job. 😉 thanks for a great giveaway!!

  21. Kristen says:

    Ahhh!! I would LOVE a Pixifi trial!! With my freed time by using Pixifi, I would spend more time with my hubby and sweet daughters: 16 months and 3 weeks old 🙂 PLUS, April 22 is my 30th birthday so that would be a pretty awesome gift!

  22. Krystle says:

    I would work on changing my business model and begin actually “marketing” my business (FINALLY)! This would allow me to free up some time with invoicing and emails in order to do this.

  23. I’m in such need of better studio management. I would love more free time to enjoy with my husband and children!

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