Juan & Allison
I'll scream I love you from the rooftops

We adore this beautiful Philadelphia rooftop engagement shoot. Juan and Allison invited us into Allison’s family home on Delancey Street. The home was absolutely breathtaking.

Our time with them was so much fun.  We laughed a lot! They are so cute together and I still remember the giggles they had as if they had just met each other.

Their wedding is this Saturday during the monstrous blizzard we are expected to have. I know they are having stressful moments. And although their wedding is a winter wedding, the chances of actually having a blizzard and 20+ inches of snow on your wedding day is unlikely. We’ve been shooting weddings for eight years and have only shot two weddings in the winter that had fresh falling snow, neither of those being blizzards or anything like it.

Just like rain and hurricanes, having a blizzard on your wedding day presents challenges. We have a positive outlook on these challenges and are really excited about the images we can create with these two love birds in heaping mounds of snow. It will be a great story for them to tell. Their snow boots are ready and so are their open minds and adventurous hearts. I’m certain we’ll create magic together.

Enjoy this adorable and very sunny engagement shoot.  They are getting the best of both worlds. Summer sun for their engagement shoot and a beautiful snowy winter wedding.

If you have a couple seconds, send them some positive vibes and well wishes.




Philadelphia-rooftop-engagement-shoot 03

Philadelphia-rooftop-engagement-shoot 04

Philadelphia-rooftop-engagement-shoot 05

Philadelphia-rooftop-engagement-shoot 06

Philadelphia-rooftop-engagement-shoot 07

Philadelphia-rooftop-engagement-shoot 08

Philadelphia-rooftop-engagement-shoot 09

Philadelphia-rooftop-engagement-shoot 10

Philadelphia-rooftop-engagement-shoot 11

Philadelphia-rooftop-engagement-shoot 12

Philadelphia-rooftop-engagement-shoot 13

Philadelphia-rooftop-engagement-shoot 14

Philadelphia-rooftop-engagement-shoot 15

Philadelphia-rooftop-engagement-shoot 16

Philadelphia-rooftop-engagement-shoot 17

Philadelphia-rooftop-engagement-shoot 18

Philadelphia-rooftop-engagement-shoot 19

Philadelphia-rooftop-engagement-shoot 20

Philadelphia-rooftop-engagement-shoot 21

Philadelphia-rooftop-engagement-shoot 22

Philadelphia-rooftop-engagement-shoot 23

Philadelphia-rooftop-engagement-shoot 24

Philadelphia-rooftop-engagement-shoot 25

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