Happy day after the Fourth of July!  A holiday should never fall in the middle of the week, don’t you agree?  It feels a little bit more like a Monday to me than a Thursday!  However, I’m sure most of you will be so grateful for that mid week holiday when you leave from work tomorrow.

Anyway, this post is long overdue!   I wanted to share with you shots from our last workshop in June.

This was another great class to teach.  We’ve gotten great feedback from most of those in the class, which makes us happy 🙂

Meet our model, Trista.  Isn’t she pretty?!

Our next workshop will be on July 22nd.  If interested in taking one of our workshops, read more about them here and feel free to contact us.

If you’re interested in being one of our models and have free pretty pictures taken of you, we’d love for you to contact us as well!




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