This past week was a crazy busy week!  We were in Portland, OR. from Monday through Thursday at the amazing What If conference.  A blog post on that is coming soon =0) After last week, Michael and I both dove into this wedding feeling “creatively refreshed”.

This weekend was a double header for the M2 team. We shot Megan & Dave’s wedding at the Skytop Lodge and our associate photographers, Tom and Jen, shot a wedding in Delaware.

Tired? Yes indeedie!  However, we are really excited to share some inspiration and weddings with you.

First up is Meg and Dave’s gorgeous wedding {raindrops and all}.  Dave and Megan are high school sweet hearts. It’s obvious that these two love each other very much.

Being a story teller of love is so gratifying (haha that sounds so cheesy, I know!!).  Meaning, I love being a wedding photographer….ahhh…you know what I mean!


Check out this stud!

Haha, I love these photo bombers!  They just sat there and watched the show.

Such a lovely bride! So pretty!

Michael and I trying to find the perfect spot.

A little nighttime photography!  I’m so happy we did this!

Megan & Dave, I hope you are having a blast in Turks & Caicos!  You deserve a stress-free week =0)

To see more of their wedding, check out their slideshow.

Goodnight everyone!



Wedding Details

Venue:  Skytop Lodge

Hair + Makeup: Alexander’s Spa

Flowers:  Skytop Lodge

Cake: Skytop Lodge

Transportation: Feel Good Limo

Entertainment: Platinum Production Entertainment

Honeymoon: Turks & Caicos

Photographers: M2 


3 responses to “Meg & Dave’s wedding at Skytop Lodge”

  1. Lorrie Williams says:

    I cannot believe how beautifully you captured the sooooooo many emotions of this most important day in our lives!!! Thank you both from the bottom of my heart!!! I cannot wait to see the rest of them!! Megan’s Mom

  2. Megan Williams says:

    WE LOVE THEM!!!! You guys captured the day beautifully!! What a great way to start another day in paradise:) Thanks so much<3

  3. Coleen Entler says:

    Amazing!!!!!! The firework pics are to die for. Such gorgeous pics for a gorgeous bride 🙂

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