Sometimes in our job we get to photograph little babies.  We are not Anne Geddes, nor do we try to be.  Our approach with babies is to document the baby in their first few days.  Whether they are sleeping perfectly, wide awake and aware, or even sometimes crying (they’re babies…it happens).

We also love when we get the opportunity to document a family and their first child.  Not that there is not love for any child born after that, haha, obviously there is just as much love.  What I mean is, most first parents are always much more detailed when it comes to their first child (accurately writing down each oz. the baby is given at what time of day, each dirty diaper, each wet diaper, nap times, etc).  It’s a new chapter in 2 peoples lives.  They are walking on new territory and figuring it out.  I know how Michael and I were when we first had the girls.  I love seeing that in new parents too 🙂

Below are images of Owen.  I absolutely adore this family and their laid back personalities.  It was such a pleasure photographing them in their home.  This little guy has no idea how much he is loved 🙂



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  1. Joyce Gutchigian says:

    OMG gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!! See what happens when you photograph God’s most precious gift????? That baby’s face is perfect! Priceless memories!!!!

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