Our time in Arizona

In February, Michael and I attended our third What If Conference.  It is by far my favorite conference.  If you are a creative entrepreneur who cares about other human beings, you should check it out.  I know 2015 will be somewhere warm and beautiful.  The thing I love most about this community is that they’ve become family.  We’ve developed some really close relationships with others from this conference.  We now have people in our lives that we couldn’t imagine not being in our lives.

With the help of this conference, we’ve really discovered who we are as artists.  We’ve also discovered that connecting with people is something very important to us and not necessarily just with photography.  Helping others and making the world a better place is vital to our own well being.  What if has pushed us to do one of our Big Hairy Audacious Goals and start a charity.  Gethrr is the name of our charity and it’s in the beginning phases of start up.  It’s a really simple concept that just about anyone can do.  Our daughters are even part of it.  Gethrr is a community of givers connected to improve, inspire and impact positive change in the world by giving one dollar a month to help communities in need.  We strongly believe that it’s not how much a person gives but if we all gave a little and worked together, we could do a lot of good.

I am unbelievably grateful to be in this family.

This year’s conference took place at a dude ranch in Arizona, Rancho de los Caballeros .  This was my first time ever at the desert.  It did not disappoint.

{shot with digital & film mix // Mamiya 645// Kodak Portra 400 & 160}

M2-Photography-Arizona 01 M2-Photography-Arizona 02 M2-Photography-Arizona 03 M2-Photography-Arizona 04 M2-Photography-Arizona 05 M2-Photography-Arizona 06 M2-Photography-Arizona 07 M2-Photography-Arizona 08 M2-Photography-Arizona 09 M2-Photography-Arizona 10

M2-Photography-Arizona 11

Another thing I love about this conference is we make it a point to give back.  During the conference we took a trip to Yarnell, Arizona to give a helping hand.  This community has been rebuilding itself for almost a year after a deadly wildfire killing 19 firefighters in June, 2013.  The way this community has pulled together and continue to support each other is exactly how all communities should be.  Our whole group split up helping in different areas.  We helped in the Community Garden.  It’s right up my alley.  I snapped some photos while there.

M2-Photography-Arizona 12 M2-Photography-Arizona 13 M2-Photography-Arizona 14 M2-Photography-Arizona 15 M2-Photography-Arizona 16M2-Photography-Arizona 17

And so are you Libby!

M2-Photography-Arizona 18 M2-Photography-Arizona 19 M2-Photography-Arizona 20 M2-Photography-Arizona 21 M2-Photography-Arizona 22 M2-Photography-Arizona 23 M2-Photography-Arizona 24

A couple that paints together….stays together 🙂

M2-Photography-Arizona 25

It was 50 degrees outside….

M2-Photography-Arizona 26 M2-Photography-Arizona 27 M2-Photography-Arizona 28

After the conference, a small group of us went to Sedona and the Grand Canyon.  A piece of my heart was left in Arizona. I was truly in awe of it’s beauty and it’s vast terrains.  We will be returning.

M2-Photography-Arizona 29 M2-Photography-Arizona 30

M2-Photography-Arizona 31 M2-Photography-Arizona 32 M2-Photography-Arizona 33 M2-Photography-Arizona 34 M2-Photography-Arizona 35

Jillian and Ryan from With Love and Embers crack me up.  So happy to call them friends.

M2-Photography-Arizona 36 M2-Photography-Arizona 37 M2-Photography-Arizona 38 M2-Photography-Arizona 39

{photo cred: With Love and Embers ^}

M2-Photography-Arizona 40 M2-Photography-Arizona 41 M2-Photography-Arizona 42 M2-Photography-Arizona 43 M2-Photography-Arizona 44 M2-Photography-Arizona 45 M2-Photography-Arizona 46 M2-Photography-Arizona 47 M2-Photography-Arizona 48 M2-Photography-Arizona 49 M2-Photography-Arizona 50 M2-Photography-Arizona 51 M2-Photography-Arizona 52

There is a canyon within that fog, I swear.

M2-Photography-Arizona 53 M2-Photography-Arizona 54 M2-Photography-Arizona 55 M2-Photography-Arizona 56 M2-Photography-Arizona 57 M2-Photography-Arizona 58 M2-Photography-Arizona 59 M2-Photography-Arizona 60

M2-Photography-Arizona 61

{Photo Cred: With Love and Embers ^}

M2-Photography-Arizona 62 M2-Photography-Arizona 63 M2-Photography-Arizona 64 M2-Photography-Arizona 65 M2-Photography-Arizona 66 M2-Photography-Arizona 67

I highly recommend hiking up Cathedral Rock in Sedona.  It wasn’t easy, but it was beautiful.

M2-Photography-Arizona 68 M2-Photography-Arizona 69 M2-Photography-Arizona 70 M2-Photography-Arizona 71 M2-Photography-Arizona 72 M2-Photography-Arizona 73 M2-Photography-Arizona 74 M2-Photography-Arizona 75 M2-Photography-Arizona 76 M2-Photography-Arizona 77 M2-Photography-Arizona 78 M2-Photography-Arizona 79 M2-Photography-Arizona 80

We love this girl so much!  My first ever roommate in Philadelphia.  We found each other on roommates.com.  It was meant to be.  Eight years later and here we are.

M2-Photography-Arizona 81 M2-Photography-Arizona 82 M2-Photography-Arizona 83 M2-Photography-Arizona 84

If you look closely, there is a man on the rocks in the photo to the right.  I’m pretty sure the authorities of Sedona hire him to do stunts at Cathedral rock because this man was C-A-RAAAAZY!

M2-Photography-Arizona 85 M2-Photography-Arizona 86 M2-Photography-Arizona 87 M2-Photography-Arizona 88 M2-Photography-Arizona 89 M2-Photography-Arizona 90 M2-Photography-Arizona 91 M2-Photography-Arizona 92

This trip with forever be in my heart.

M2-Photography-Arizona 93

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