You’ll understand why I split this into two posts. It would have been overkill if I didn’t. This post is just as long as a wedding post. Seriously!

Anyway, after being in the car driving for 9 hours, we finally made it to Canada. We stopped at a few small towns both to and from Canada, all of which were located in New York. hmm?. You’ll notice quite a few pictures of the girls posing with random animal figures. That wasn’t Michael or my doing, that was totally them. See, they’re going through this thing, where they think posing with things is cool. They don’t realize that it’s so touristy. Luckily for them, they are so cute, it doesn’t really matter what they do, haha.

What else can I say, but I love Canada. It’s unbelievably pretty and I think Canadians rock. I may be a little biased, we know some really amazing people from Canada.

When I was a little girl, I thought the North Pole was located at the tippy top of Canada (Santa’s home). I was like 5!! But seriously, I find Canada to be so fascinating. What fascinates me most is North Canada, . I imagine it’s pretty spectacular. I also imagine dog sleds and igloos, but then again I imagine dog sleds when I think of Alaska (that’s next on my list).

So, this was Ava & Bella’s first time visiting Canada and Niagara Falls, and it was also my first time. The girls, being 5 years old, had more fun swimming in the hotel pool, I however, found the falls breathtaking.


The trip from Boston to Canada was about 500 miles. Even seeing 250 miles on our GPS..was torture. It seemed never ending.

The view from our hotel room.

I love early morning sun!

Canadian bacon? Yes!


Ava does such a good job of looking innocent 🙂 I’m kidding, she’s a great kid.

I don’t think we were expecting to get as wet as we did. BTW, these are our friends to the left. Not some random family I was stalking, haha. They lived in Canada for a couple years and they came to meet us 🙂

There was no way we were buying this print. It was out of focus and the lady taking the picture was a little upset that we didn’t take it seriously. So….we took a picture of the picture 🙂

Now, we were testing Bella’s skills. We’ll need to work a little on composition ;0)

Are squirrels usually this tame? I thought for sure it was going to jump at Michael and maybe bite his neck or something?..But nope, he just kept munching on that little squirrely nut.

Once one does it, the other must follow. You know how it goes.

The 7 hour drive back, wasn’t as bad as the drive there. But it still seemed to never end! Clearly the girls felt the same way.

It was a great first road trip and definitely not our last! We’re hoping to make another road trip to Michigan soon and who knows where else we’ll end up. I’ve always loved the idea of just driving and not really having a plan. If my mother is reading this, I’m sure her stress level has just increased. I said, I loved the idea, not that we are actually just going to drive without a plan ;0) Love you mom xoxo.

That’s our trip. Thanks for reading!


Happy Thanksgiving to all!


2 responses to “Our Road trip: Niagara Falls, Canada”

  1. Meredith says:

    I love all of these shots!! It looks like so much fun. 🙂

  2. Amanda says:

    You two are so lucky to both be wonderful photographers and be able to document your family like this! The pictures are incredible and your girls will be so lucky to have these when they’re older to look back on. Awesome!!

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