This summer was rare for us.  We had nearly a whole month off.  This meant we could actually go on a summer trip!  We ended up spending some time in California and exploring the amazing state that it is.  We lived in a camper van for a week while we explored Yosemite.  Everything about that was amazing.  We had the opportunity to photograph and video an elopement just outside San Fransisco which I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about soon!  This worked out great because the girls got to meet their Aunt Hope and explore San Fransisco for the day.

From CA we went to Colorado to hang with some of our best friends.  Melissa and our good friend Ashley went to Sweden to shoot a wedding while her husband, Graham, and I got to be co dads for the week.  2 dads and 4 kids.  What could go wrong?  Well we are all alive so thats the important thing, haha.

We decided to drive up to Wyoming just outside Casper to see the total eclipse.  We camped out on a farm field with probably 200 other tents.  This was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever experienced.  Everything about it.  How the light changed, the temperatures changed, the beauty of the eclipse itself.  Once it hit total eclipse there was an incredible energy that just poured over you.  Everyone around us was hooting and hollering.  Ava & Bella were running around shouting and jumping up and down.  We just stood there for the last minute together, holding them in my arms as the sun showed itself again.  A moment I’ll never forget.

Now that we’re hooked we’re going to try and follow the next one in South America in a couple years.    Not being able to experience it with Melissa was a bummer but I’m excited to get to soon!  If you’ve never experienced one, please make it happen next time you can.

This picture was them after the total eclipse when the moon was just about clear of the sun.  It was taken August 21st, 2017 @ 1:54pm

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