This weekend was another double wedding weekend for us.   Except this weekend we didn’t have 2 local weddings.  The first wedding was held 4.5 hours away in Laughlintown, Pa. and our wedding on Sunday was held in New Jersey.   Somehow we ended the weekend with more energy than I expected.

Nick and Mackenzie’s wedding was held at Ligonier Country Inn, a quaint bed & breakfast in Laughlintown, Pa.  If I had to explain it, I would say it’s in Western PA, towards Pittsburgh, and in the middle of nowhere.   I’ve been spoiled the last few years, ever since I moved to Philadelphia.  I no longer have the patience to drive 15+ minutes to get to the nearest Walmart (I know, it’s terribly sad).

I grew up with Mackenzie and so shooting this wedding had me a little nervous, lol.  For me, and I think Michael would agree, that weddings where no one knows you are much easier to shoot.  All in all, it was great being part of their wedding day.  We couldn’t be happier for them =0)

Nick & Mackenzie’s slideshow.

Below are more images from Nick & Mackenzie’s wedding.

Happy Memorial Day!


Our new assistant in training…


4 responses to “Nick & Mackenzie’s Ligonier Country Inn Wedding”

  1. mackenzie says:

    obviously no reason to be nervous… pictures are beautiful.

    Thank you sooo much.

  2. Jen Roth says:

    Gorgeous photos!!!! This was my niece’s wedding and I have to say the photos are beautiful. Oh yeah, that’s my granddaughter, future photographer I believe!!

  3. Lindsey Eldred says:

    You guys did amazing! Even my brother was complimenting your photos! (Of course, its not hard to take nice pics of such a good lookin couple! 🙂 Congrats Nick & MacKenzie!

  4. Lisa Tyrpin says:


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