One thing that was always important to me was to make sure the girls took piano lessons.  They haven’t been taking them for long and have had the summer off but they still play every so often.  I’m not trying to force them to be concert pianists or anything.  I just know how important the piano has been to me in my life.  Can I play?  Not really, no.  I took a semester in college but it was horrible difficult due to my bad habits with messing around on my own.  I make up little melodies that, in my head, sounds fantastic!

Anywho, I hope they play long enough to be able to connect to it the way I do.  Today’s picture is from today actually.  Ava was writing her own song.  Oh and that dark spot on her face?  A tattoo.  My kids are hard core.  Don’t judge.

This picture was taken July 30, 2013 @ 10:53 am.


The AB Project 47



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