One of many things I love about the girls is that they love helping.  It doesn’t matter if its folding laundry, doing yard work, or washing the car.  They just love to help.  Or at least they love the idea.  What happens most of the time is that they find a way to play and have fun with it.  Picking up sticks in the yard turns into a treasure hunt.  Washing the car turns into play time with the hose.  That’s whats going on here in this picture.

Though they hardly contribute, I love that they always find a way to have fun.  I hope they hold on to that as they get older.  Most adults simply dread anything related to work whether its a chore or their job.  I pray to God that they don’t turn out like that.  We’ll see I suppose.

This image was taken September 20th, 2012 @ 10:14am.

On another note, this weekend is the first full weekend we have with the girls since July.  That being said, we have a fun fall weekend planned with them.  At 3:22 pm, our work for the weekend stops and our phones put away (except for the pictures Melissa posts on instagram and fb ;).  Melissa is going to try to reply to any emails up until that time, but if you email us and do not get a response this weekend, this is why.  We’ll get back to you first thing Monday morning 🙂



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