So here’s something different.  I, Michael, am blogging on our M2 Blog!  I know your used to seeing me on the AB blog posts but I wanted to share our Mother’s Day with you.  It was a wonderful day with just the four of us.  The day started with the girls giving Melissa some gifts.  We then went to buy some plants.  God does Melissa love plants.  The girls each got one too so they were stoked.

We then went and had a picnic at a local park.  It was nice but didn’t last very long.  We scarfed down the food pretty fast because we wanted to play on the playground.  After some time there we went on a little hike.  We LOVE doing this together!  And at the end of the night we just snuggled together on the couch.  It was wondrous!

I look forward to Father’s Day this Sunday.  =)



2014-06-11_0002 2014-06-11_0067 2014-06-11_0068 2014-06-11_0069 2014-06-11_0070Melissa only beat Ava because she has long legs.  2014-06-11_0071 2014-06-11_0072 2014-06-11_0073 2014-06-11_0074 2014-06-11_0075 2014-06-11_0076 2014-06-11_0077


.2014-06-11_0079 2014-06-11_0080 2014-06-11_0081 2014-06-11_0082  2014-06-11_0084 2014-06-11_0085 2014-06-11_0086 2014-06-11_0087 2014-06-11_0088 2014-06-11_0089 2014-06-11_0090 2014-06-11_0091 2014-06-11_0092 Bella always manages to get dirty.  Always.2014-06-11_0093 2014-06-11_0094 2014-06-11_0095 2014-06-11_0096 Thank you for this great picture Ava!2014-06-11_0098 2014-06-11_0099

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