Being a photographer naturally predisposes you to the obsession of light.  Such as noticing beautiful light illuminating a child’s face.  That’s exactly what this weeks picture is.  It’s Bella, drinking some milk.  It’s a simple, repetitive thing that most people wouldn’t think twice about.  But look at this image.  The light transforms this simple act into something so beautiful and pure.  Being a photographer, things like this excite you.   It’s a moment in time.  Bella, 5 years old.  This could be the last time anyone sees her do this.  This is something Melissa and I can look back on in 15 years in wonder.  Its beautiful, its me being a sappy father and its the magic of photography.  More than anything it’s life.

I’m sorry if I’m being a bit too sappy today.  Last night I was able to spend the whole night with Ava and Bella.  I kept reflecting on the fact that 1. I’m a father  2. I’m so very blessed to have these two in my life 3. I’m in love 4. Time is deceivingly fast and 5. I’m grateful to have found photography to allow me to capture life

This image was taken September 19, 2012 @3:49pm.


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  1. Absolutely beautiful. This has me in tears, you guys!

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